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Description: This beefy heatsink is designed to dissipate a lot of heat! The 6400BG heatsink fits TO-220, TO-218, TO-247, and Multiwatt packages - which means it’s a great fit for the STA540, L298N, and all of our T-220 package voltage regulators.


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Customer Comments

  • Any idea how much this weighs?

  • I was able to find this part on Digikey after some digging. Considering how long this item has been disabled, please see below where you can get this part:

    Keep in mind this is the 1" high version. There’s several in the series that have different heights.

  • Could this be used to get the Peltier cooler here down to around 30 deg. F?

  • Is that hole threaded?

  • Hello, is it possible to take this heat sink to a band saw to reduce the 7 cm dimension down to 5 cm?

    • band saw may be too powerful, a diamond blade on a dremel is plenty or a hacksaw with metal cutting blade.

  • Do you guys have a eagle footprint for this?
    Do people make footprints of heat sinks?

    • Yes and Yes. It is part of the SFE eagle library and is also shown in the audio amplifier kit below.

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