IC Hook with Pigtail

These are good quality IC test hooks with a male connection wire. Instead of a single hook, these have two hooks that are capable of grabbing very small points (like SOIC IC legs). Comes in a bag of five IC hooks of different colors (black, red, white, blue, and green). We use them with the Bus Pirate logic analyzer harnesses but are very cool on their own.

Wire length is 2.5" long. Male pin easily inserts into breadboard or other standard 0.1" connector.

Customer Comments

  • dave2, “description suggests only huge packages” is reasonably accurate. I’m sitting here with a package of these in my hand. I’d say they will be good for 0.1 headers, solderless breadboard work, passive lead clipping, standard dips, meaty connection points like that. I don’t expect these would do well with fine pitch ICs. These are NOT micro-grabbers. At $5 for 5 don’t expect them to be.

  • These IC clips to pigtails are great for testing .. I have used for my breadboard to connect power and also to test my servos, the pigtail pins fit great into the servo plugs. Great stuff I will share it with my other friends who love this stuff as much as I do.

  • Quite useful for hooking up parts I want to test and not damage by soldering leads.

  • Lucky me… just saw the stock dry up ;)

  • Any idea how fine these can tap single IC pins? Looking for something which can cope with at least 0.8mm pitch TQFP. Bonus points if it can live with 0.65mm SSOP or 0.5mm TQFP.
    SOIC in description suggests only huge packages.

    • They can grab a single SOIC pin, but the plastic head is so big you can only probe one at a time, not 2 adjacent ones.

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Too weak

The hooks are so weak that the tension in the pig tail end is enough to break them loose. If you hook them up and then move anything in any way, they will come off whatever they are hooked to. It is way too frustrating for me to have to gingerly connect them and then make sure I don’t even bump the breadboard the pins are into for fear of having to reconnect everything again. I would rank them as one of the very few products I have been dissapointed with from Sparkfun.

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These do serve my purpose

These little IC Hooks are great for doing prototyping and hooking circuits on a breadboard to things I don’t have headers on. They are a little cheaply made though. I’d like to see SparkFun come up with a better quality item. I’m ordering more for now to get me by. :o)

Pricey but works

They do the job. Could be cheaper, but this isn’t a bulk order kind of business.

Makes it easy to monitor IC pins.