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Description: These 10 segment bar graph LEDs have many uses. With a compact footprint, simple hookup, they are easy for prototyping or finished products. Essentially, they are 10 individual blue LEDs housed together, each with an individual anode and cathode connection.

We also carry these in yellow, red, and green.


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  • 11 pin (10 resistor) resistor networks are perfect for hooking these up without using 10 individual resistors. Any chance one could be added to the store that works well with these?

  • has anyone ever seen any of these that are RGB?

  • Which side is positive and negative?

    • There is a very slight bevel on one of the vertical edges. If you look closely, 3 of the edges will be sharp, and the fourth will be slightly rounded. That’s pin 1, and that long side is the positive side. See the datasheet for a diagram. You can also always test unknown LEDs with a voltage supply and a resistor; they will only light up in the proper direction.

  • Someone tell me how to right one of these up to a mini photocell or lilypad light sensor so that it roughly measures the amount of light coming in. Is it possible?

    • Not to my knowledge, the mini photocells only report ‘light is on’ or ‘light is off’ they don’t detect an amount of light.

  • Some items are titled “Bar Graph” (like this one), some are “bargraph”, and I would hope that SparkFun’s soundalike search algorithm would find both versions for either search. But it does not.

  • i love this product

  • Holy crap, those went out of stock fast!
    if they are just a bunch of LEDs in a housing, why can’t they be common cathode?

    • They could be, but why would you want to do that? If nothing else, things tend to sink current better than source current, so you’d want it to be common anode ;)
      This arrangement provides the most freedom in terms of circuit design :)

  • I was dissapointed in these, as many of them that I ordered were not a true Blue, but a blue-green, like turquoise. Plus, the brightness wasn’t consistent on all segments. Not Sparkfun’s fault, but poor overseas manufacturing.

  • Even better would be using this with a TLC5940! I’m going to order a few for just that reason!

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