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Description: This new version now has all 5 pins broken out on the connector. We have no idea what USB device you are hooking up to, but if you need to add a miniUSB/USB Mini-B connector to your breadboard - here it is. Also good for an un-regulated, non-limited 5V supply up to 100mA.


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  • How about a mini A/B? The reason for asking some of the projects that have OTG, ie UBW32

  • Anyone have a schematic to connect this to the atmega328?

    • That’s tricky and depends on what you want to do. The ATMega328 does not support USB, so you would need some sort of interface depending on what you were looking to do.

  • Sorry for the stupid question, but would this board predominantly be used for making temporary connections for boards such as the Arduino Pro Minis which lack a USB connection for the purpose of programming them? I assume by using a temp connection, this board could be used to program multiple Arduino Minis?

    • sorry, found the answer i needed - im looking for an FTDI board/cable. May i take this time to think all you ppl for those tutorials. I am forever in your debt for teaching me how to fish.

  • For all of those who don’t have Eagle or don’t want the hassle of going into Eagle and making the measurements… (all measurements are in mm) All holes are 2.54 away from the edge 13.97 from center of hole to center of hole 19.05 from edge to edge on one side 20.32 from center of hole to center of hole 25.4 from edge to edge on the other side

  • Where can I find the Eagle file for this board?

  • Does “Also good for an un-regulated, non-limited 5V supply up to 100mA” mean that you can plug a wall wart power plug with mini-usb connector into it to power a project (with appropriate regulation/filtering)?

  • is it really only 100 mA? I’m almost positive it’s 1000 mA, did y'all leave out a third zero by accident?
    edit: for what it’s worth, I’m only planning on making a very short charge-only cable for use with wall-wart USB adapters… will I run into problems pumping more than 100mA or will the wall adapters know not to?

    • I believe the USB spec allows the host to supply up to 100 mA for “unknown” USB devices. For recognized devices (i.e., the host OS has a driver for it), the host can supply up to 500 mA.

  • I want to know the difference between “BOB-08401” and “BOB-09966”, Could you tell me infomation about their deimensions, etc..?

  • what is the pin spacing?.1"?

  • Just wondering if the board comes populated as shown in the pictures? Seems like a really good deal if so..considering the mini-B connector itself is a buck five-0

  • What does the ID pin do?<br />
    <br />
    Thanks – mfc

    • some devices will send information about itself over that pin. for all practical purposes the ID pin can be left disconnected.

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Great product

Standard good quality SparkFun construction. Versatile with 5 pins. Many uses.

Very good product

Works very well.. I really like the connection pin spacing.. It fits 0.1 pin headers perfectly.

great easy to use product SparkFun USB Mini-breakout

well made easy to correctly wire and good mounting surface

Great produst

Very well made and works perfectly.