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Description: Knobs are a great way to finish off your project and make it easier to adjust the level of your death ray. This knob mates to a 0.25" shaft with a set screw.


  • 15mm high
  • 19mm diameter

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Customer Comments

  • Those set screws are pretty sneaky. Good because once they’re on, they’re basically invisible. Bad because initially trying to put them on, they’re invisible ;)
    They work very well with the rotary encoder that’s offered here. Much better than the other knob I purchased which fit very poorly, hindsight >= 20/20.
    The size of wrench I got to work was a H1.5, but I wasn’t super scientific about it. Also when putting it onto the rotary encoder above, be mindful of the depth. If you put it on all the way, you don’t get any room for the push button action. So go all the way & back it up 0.5mm (tiny) so you can use as a PB, or don’t, I really don’t care.

  • Does anybody know the size of allen wrench needed for the set screw?

  • Does this knob have an isolation voltage rating? I want to know if it would be safe to use this knob on an encoder that is not SELV. The isolation rating of COM-09117 is only 50V.

  • These don’t come with the screw needed to tighten each to the pot shaft.

    • They should. If yours didn’t you might want to contact But it should come with the set screw.

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