JST Jumper 2 Wire Assembly - Reversed

Replacement: PRT- 09914. We won’t be ordering anymore “backwards” cables, but you can get the normal cables here. This page is for reference only.

This is a simple two wire cable. However, the colors are reversed! So if you’re going to use these for standard stuff (or anything of ours), the black and red are reversed. Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything else. There is a 2-pin JST connector on one end, bare cable on the opposite end. It also comes with the mating connector for the JST.

Note: The colors are reversed, but you can swap it or just not care.

  • 6" length

Customer Comments

  • looool
    I bought one if these and it wasn’t reversed. Tanks for your double fail, Sparkfun.

  • For anyone who has one of these and wants the other, it’s fairly trivial to simply push the tab on the terminal back, slip the wire out of the connector, bend the tab out (if you weren’t careful), and stick it into the other side.

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