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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: This tilt sensor can be used to detect multiple orientations. Inside the sensor are infrared emitters which are either reflected or not, depending on the orientation of the sensor. By reading the output of the various pins you can easily determine the orientation of the sensor and your project.


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Customer Comments

  • breakout!!!!

  • Any idea what the “tilt” angle would be to make the sensor trigger?

  • Sorry Im a newbie. So does this need some power source to act as some kind of tilting switch whereas the simple one before this uses a mechanical way of switching so it doesn’t need power?

  • Guys I’m kinda new to all this. Whats the difference between a tilt sensor and a gyro?

    • Tilt sensors don’t give you rotation measurement, but fixed orientation instead. Either it’s or it’s not oriented in some way, but you cannot measure how much it rotated or anything like that.
      Think of tilt sensors as “is my device roughly oriented towards this axis?” and gyros as “how much is my device rotating around this axis?”

    • If I may.
      A tilt sensor gives a yes or no output.
      A gyro gives a proportional output.
      A tilt sensor can produce a false tilt signal when accelerated laterally aggressively, a gyro will not.

  • Well, I bought one. I found some interesting applications. My question is…how do you solder it? Other smd’s I have used have some kind of tab. Can anyone provide some guidance?

    • Solder paste and hot air. Look at the tutorials section Sparkfun has. Though they leave out what I think is an enormous detail - you can happily apply solder paste by hand, without a stencil. This is cheaper and allows you to assemble a board in pieces. I only do things 1 board at a time, so I was thrilled when I first learned that. Of course for production, stencils are great. But I don’t do that.

  • Hi!
    I would like to use this sensor as a switch on-off, like the other simple tilt switch ( Would be possible without the need of extra electronics? I am a newbie!

  • How does this work? Is there a reflector that flops around inside?

  • “Inside the sensor or infrared emitters” - “or” should be “are”

    • Fixed.

      • There is actually only a single emitter and two detectors that gives you the 4 directions.
        For RoHM, some fixes are needed in the datasheet too….
        “Digital steal camera"
        "Fan herater"
        "4 Pirection Detector"
        And the real link to the product page is:[underscore]device/sensor/4[underscore]direction/rpi-1031/
        the underscore does not work with the comment posting, so replace [underscore] with an actual underscore.

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