Standoff - Nylon (3/8", 4-40)

Replacement:PRT-10927. These are now sold in packs of ten! This page is for reference only.

These nylon standoffs are 3/8" long and tapped for a 4-40 screw. These are great for mounting your board in an enclosure, or just getting it up off the table. The black nylon will give your project a very sessy look.

Sold as individuals. Check below for matching screws.

Customer Comments

  • I really tried not to be a pest and ask this but I am waiting on these to place my order. Any idea when they will be in stock again?

  • Oh, come on. How about at least taking a picture of one that’s not all mangled. And how about giving us the diameter (it looks like about ½")? For $.50 each, I would expect a lot more than this (and I should know ‘cause I make these all day long in my dad’s nut grinder shop, so I know that the material cost for each is less than $.04 and the machining required to produce them goes very fast, plus the ones we make are PERFECT).

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