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Soldering Tip - Hakko - 3mm Bevel (T18-C3)

This is a replacement soldering tip for our Hakko FX-888 soldering iron. This is a bevel type of soldering tip. Replacing the tip is very easy - simply unscrew the shield, slip the replacement tip in, and screw the shield back on.


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  • I bought around 20 different tips to evaluate for my SMD work - mostly 0603. This 3mm bevel ended up being my choice. If you want one tip to do a number of jobs this is a great tip to have in the arsenal.

    Much later. Actually this is not the tip I use. There are two variants - the one shown here has a solder wettable plating up the side. I use the C3F which is only plated on the face. The C3F is great for flow soldering SMD ICs. I will have to try the C3 on day and compare.

  • lead free or no?

  • can you grind out a "well" in the end of the tip or will that destroy the tip ?

    • Though not concave, due to surface tension, this tip holds a lot of solder on the flat surface.

    • It would definitely destroy it. Instead, look for Hakko's CM shape tip. The CM is just like this tip but the flat face is concave, exactly what you seem to be wanting. SparkFun doesn't sell it unfortunately.

      Soldering tips are typically constructed with a core material covered by a protective jacket layer. A big part of the jacket's purpose is to protect the core from oxidation and erosion. However, for the purposes of heat transfer, it is really thin. That's why you should never use steel wool or sandpaper (e.g. aluminium oxide) to clean residue off tips — it's best to use soft brass with tip cleaner if absolutely necessary but even then you have to be gentle. Any kind of 'well' or depression you made in the tip would quickly erode out in addition to harming the tip's heat transfer.

      • Thank you both for your replies. The CM tip is what I was looking for but there is some sort of silly patent issue that prevents them from being sold in the US (which is why I wanted to make my own).

  • Buying this for my sparkfun soldering iron, was easily the best soldering decision I've ever made. This is better than the stock tip by an order of magnitude, of magnitudes.

  • I bought this to replace the stock tip on my SparkFun soldering iron (TOL-10707). Buying this possibly was the best (soldering) decision I've ever made!

    It transfers heat better, is more precise, and is all-around a better soldering tip, by at least an order of magnitude.

  • This works great for drag soldering a 44 pin ic.

  • Will this work with #10707?

  • The Dimensional Drawing link is not quite right I get this when I click on it:
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Flat and trusty.

Occasionally I need a flat tip for large work or desoldering. I havent used it as much as the pointed tip but its still the same one I first got. Still going well. When used with a brass sponge they are long lasting and good at heat-sinking. Also they turn blue from the heat over time, kind of looks cool. Can’t get that from a cheap tip.