Photoluminescent Panel - 4x6"

Photoluminescent is a big word that means a simple thing: Glow in the Dark! And do they ever! These Photoluminescent stickers can be cut to size or shape for indicators, decoration or emergency illumination. We were surprised at how brightly these panels glow after being 'charged up' with a bright light source. You can also pair them with UV LEDs for some epic blacklight action.

  • 4x6"

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  • robostork / about 12 years ago / 2

    Can this be 'charged' from behind? Also, how easy is it to cut?

    • it would 'charge' best from the front. the backing (for the adhesive) blocks a good amount of light. it's much more translucent without it, but it would still work best from the front. your best bet is to just add the smallest one to your next order and try it out.

      it cuts quite easily with scissors (good ones) or a hobby knife. you can get a clean crisp edge on the cuts.

  • These panels work better in the visible and UV spectrum as opposed to a longer wavelength (i.e. in the infrared range) if you are 'charging."

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