Raspberry Pi microSD Card Adapter - Low Profile

This is the low profile Raspberry Pi microSD card adapter from Adafruit. We know what you're thinking, "Why can't you just use a regular microSD card adapter?" With this you can slip your microSD memory card into the the low profile adapter which is half the length of your typical adapter. This adapter is near flush with the PCB of the Raspberry Pi once inserted and only extends out about 3mm past the dev board with the microSD inserted.

This adapter is only about 5.5mm thick and can easily fit into most cases that could surround a RPi without need of removing the case.

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March 25, 2015

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  • Interesting. Adafruit doesn't seem to list this product on their site in their Raspberry Pi products section. They DO list this adapter (in several colors) http://www.adafruit.com/products/1763 (same price). Perhaps Sparkfun should be carrying this one, it might fit better in a cased Pi.

    BTW the neat thing about the adapter sparkfun is selling is that once it is inserted into your Pi you should be able to insert a micro SD card through the slot in the case. With the alternate ones I mentioned you must remove the adapter to change out the SD card.

    • http://www.adafruit.com/products/966

    • This one is thicker than the standard SD card, but it does fit flush with the edge of the pi. The plastic adapter (adafruit 1763) will stick out a little bit. I had been toying with an idea similar to this one, with thinner FR4 and a blank cutout, also using a pop-up micro slot, which is thinner. OSH park does 1.6mm thickness only, however.

  • I have several of the Cyntech cases for my RaspberryPis and this does not fit in the slot available for the SD card. You can take the case apart, put in this adapter, and close it back up but it's not ideal. I can't speak for the Pi Tin or other Pi cases but I thought I would mention this since the description says it will fit in most cases. A standard SD card is 2.1mm thick and this is 5.5mm.

    • I just bought this with the black Pi Tin (PRT-11980). I did have to use an X-Acto to trim the little lip of plastic just below the SD card slot on the bottom of the Pi Tin but it now fits just fine and the micro SD card is fully accessible with the case closed. The micro SD card sticks out maybe 1mm when viewed from the top, when you look down the side of the case though it looks more like 2-3mm. This adapter is fully within the sides of the case.

    • While it may not be ideal, a small hand file would solve this problem. And I mean file the case down a bit, don't file the adapter, that's really not ideal lol.

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