GNSS Multi-Band L1/L2 Helical Antenna (SMA) BT-560

The BT-560 antenna is a small, very light weight GNSS/GPS L1/L2 multiband antenna for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou constellations. Designed for aerial and portable applications, the BT-560 weighs in at 15.9 grams with a standard SMA connector. The BT-560 includes a small compressible o-ring around the base to increase weatherproofing when installed against an enclosure. This antenna is a good choice for applications where you have a clear view of the sky. If you can handle the extra weight, the u-blox ANN-MB-00 or TOP106 will have better reception performance.

Designed for the latest u-blox F9 platform it provides a fast, easy, and reliable multi-band antenna solution but can be used with any GPS/GNSS receiver that can benefit from the L1/L2 dual reception. While this antenna works great with normal L1 GPS/GNSS receivers it will not make your $20 receiver into a $200 receiver. Please check your receiver to verify it is capable of using the L1 and L2 signals that this antenna outputs.

We disassembled a unit because we love to see how things work! The antenna incorporates a flexible dual helical design and three HC1400P03S hybrid couplers.

Note: For the curious, the QR code is the unique serial number of the antenna composed of the manufacturing date and unit build number.

  • Overall antenna weight: 15.9g


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  • ddegn / about 3 years ago / 1

    If anyone plans to use this antenna with the RTK Express, make sure you also get an interface cable. This antenna can't connect directly to the RTK Express without an interface cable of some sort.

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So far it has been outstanding

I've used this antenna for a couple weeks now and have been pleasantly surprised by the performance. I needed a small footprint for an RTK project and it worked out perfectly.

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Good product but hard to order from outside the USA

Orders from outside the USA is very complicated with payment and Exception status, the email contact is very slow, just need to order considering a lot of time for delivery.

Handy sized

Tentative for use measuring ionic distortion during the April 23 Solar Eclipse. The small size will make the field kit compact