LCD Touchscreen HAT for Raspberry Pi - TFT 3.5in. (480x320)

This LCD Touchscreen HAT fits snuggly on top of the Raspberry Pi, practically form fitting on top of it so as not to compromise the overall dimensions of the credit card sized single board computer. The resistive touchscreen provides you with an easy way to display information coming off of the Raspberry Pi and the OS currently running on it.

The 4:3 aspect ratio backlit LCD equipped on this HAT possesses a resolution of 480 by 320 pixels with over 65 thousand colors and an SPI interface with a 16MHz driver speed. Simply plug the 13x2 GPIO header into your desired Raspberry Pi and you'll be able to start using your new resistive touch screen!

  • 1x LCD Touchscreen HAT
  • LCD Type: TFT
  • LCD Interface: SPI
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • XPT2046 Touch Screen Controller
  • 65536 Colors
  • Backlight LED
  • Resolution: 480x320
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Refresh frequency 5HZ
  • SPI Diver Speed: 16MHz
  • VCC - 5V
  • Total Current - 140 mA
  • This unit is NOT RoHS or CE certified

LCD Touchscreen HAT for Raspberry Pi - TFT 3.5in. (480x320) Product Help and Resources

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  • / about 3 years ago / 2

    Would be helpful if Sparkfun posted models of the Pi that this will work with...

  • WimL / about a year ago / 1

    Does anyone know if the backlight is controllable (maybe via a gpio)?

  • Member #411720 / about 3 years ago / 1

    I designed a nifty case for a pi and this hat. The case exposes all of the ports and has a slot for the stylus. If anyone wants the STL files to print a case, let me know.

  • / about 3 years ago / 1

    Installed mine on a Pi 4 and cannot get the display to work after downloading and installing per the manual.

    • Member #411720 / about 3 years ago / 2

      I haven't tried a pi 4, but I discovered that you cannot use Buster. I found a 2019-04-08 full Stretch image and that worked. I am using a pi 3B.

  • Jim (JR) / about 3 years ago / 1

    This looks to be virtually identical to the Velleman VMP400 320x480 touchscreen.

    The connector size, orientation of the screen, pins, SPI interface, even the color and shape of the touch-pen appears identical. I'm wondering if it's the same thing, repackaged?

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Worked as Advertised

The only problem is the drivers do not work with Debian Buster. It took some time and messing around to figure this out because it is not listed anywhere that I saw.

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Would be helpful for buyer to note that this does not seem to work with the Pi 4. I have yet to try it on a pi zero but simply would not work on the Pi 4.

2 of 2 found this helpful:

Not great.

Not exactly plug and play, documentation is POOR reads like a google translation, sorry but I guess I’m not very good at guessing what is implied?! So far can’t get it to operate with my brand new 8GB Pi4. I can’t recommend this touchscreen.

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Updated drivers now work on Pi4

Lots of problems before, but now it is working on my Pi4B with the new "Datasheet & Driver install instructions (updated 2/19/2021)"

Not sure what to do with this purchase

Opens up to normal screen with Raspberry Pi OS and Pi 3. Upon opening anything (settings, app, etc) it freezes.

absolute junk

like most pi accessories sold on sparkfun this simply does not work. good luck

Any Suitable Case for this HAT

I am using this with Pi4 and working properly. Anyone can suggest a suitable case on which this HAT fits.