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Argon ONE M.2 Raspberry Pi 4 Case

The Argon ONE M.2 case features all the high-end features of the Argon ONE Raspberry Pi case but with the added feature of an M.2 interface for using M.2 (Key-B or Key-B&M) SATA solid state drives (not included). It also includes some updates over the previous generation of the Argon ONE case including full-sized HDMI ports, power management modes, and built in IR support for using the Pi with remotes. Unfortunately the M.2 SATA support does come at the expense of the USB 3 ports, but offers a great option for those looking to use the Raspberry Pi 4 with high capacity memory; uses such as media centers.

As mentioned above it includes all the features of the Argon ONE case. In addition to providing passive and active cooling to keep the Pi 4 running cool, it incorporates multiple pieces to allow for access to different levels of the board like a magnetic dedicated door for the 40 pin connector that provides pin numbers and labels. An included fan HAT provides software controllable, active cooling while the aluminum enclosure provides passive cooling through two extrusions that provide a heat sink for the ICs on board (thermal tape included). An additional interface board plugs into the Pi and redirects all the connectors (outside of the 40 pin) to the one side of the enclosure. But probably the best feature is a properly configured power button that provides the ability to safely shutdown, reboot, or force shutdown the Pi.

  • M.2 socket PCB
  • Aluminum enclosure with plastic base to protect your tabletops (2 Piece)
  • Magnetic door for access to the 40 pin header
  • Fan HAT for active cooling (built into enclosure)
  • Interface board for headphone jack and HDMI connectors
  • Thermal tape
  • Phillips head screws for assembly
  • M.2 SATA SSD compatibility (Key-B or Key-B&M)
  • Full-sized HDMI Ports
  • 2 Power Management Options Including "Always ON Mode"
  • Built In IR Support
  • Passive and active Cooling
  • All connectors positioned to one side of the enclosure
  • Magnetic door provides access to the 40 pin header without exposing the board
  • Aluminum enclosure with plastic base
  • Power button for safe power cycling

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  • cmdailey / about 3 years ago / 1

    It looks like SparkFun just picked my my absolute favorite Pi4 case on the market. I've been using this particular case for a few months now, and it has absolutely delivered on everything I wanted. The fan plus top metal of the case works as an amazing cooling solution (to the point that the fan nearly never even needs to run with all the heat dissipated by the case,) the ease of slapping in an m.2 sata drive and booting up has increased my boot speeds as much as it has my happiness.

    It's well built, sturdily made, and looks absolutely slick. The dust cover (magnetic!) for the GPIO ports is way cool, and makes it feel like your Pi is always ready to tinker if you want, or to look like a micro pc if you don't.

    I can't recommend more for the price!

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Good solid case

The case works well with the Raspian. I haven't had time to translate fan and power button control scripts to another operating system, although there are example projects on github. M.2 works well over USB3 The gpio pins are extended out the top of the case. Very handy magnetic cover for the pins. Fan works well, I set it to continuous instead of temperature controlled under the idea, “cooler is better”. I could have bought a cheaper case but all in all I am happy with this case.

1 of 1 found this helpful:

Fantastic case for M.2 integration

I've used a few different cases before for the integrated heatsink feature, which I quite like. The FLIRC case is great for that. Then I saw a product review for this promising M.2 integration as well. It's just as amazing as it sounds. It's great booting from a 256G M.2 and the load times are dramatically improved. Anyone relying on fast SSD for high data throughput on their PI should really give this a try. It's much more satisfying than having an external M.2 dongle flopping around any time you have to move your device.

Retained for issue history: The USB jumper that came with mine is faulty. To see the discussion thread of the issue: forum.core-electronics.com.au/t/argon-one-m-2-wont-boot-from-ssd-with-supplied-usb-jumper/9195

EDIT: Customer service was very responsive to the problem and has sent out a replacement USB connector. I will update again once received.

EDIT: The replacement part works great.