Pervasive Displays EPD Pico Development Kit

The EPD Pico Development Kit from Pervasive Displays is a cost-effective way to get into using E-ink displays. Utilizing the ultra-inexpensive Raspberry Pi Pico. The kit includes Pervasive's EPD Extension Board for an easy interface to most of their E-Ink line, a 2.66 E-Ink display, and a Raspberry Pi Pico board. Together the kit makes for an easy way to work with E-Ink displays at a more affordable price than most of the options on the market today.

  • Raspberry Pi Pico
  • EPD Extension Board Gen 3
  • 20 Pin Bridge Cable - 15cm
  • 2.66" E Ink Display - Aurora Mb (V231)
  • Pin Mapping Label Diagram
  • Step by step easy to use by quick start guide and wiring from the pin mapping label
  • Online user guide and reference manual for exploring the rich graphic elements and unlimited possibility
  • Support the full range of our E ink displays
  • A variety of expansion options to meet your development needs and use cases


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Great DEV kit

Received kit in a timely manner. The included QSG got everything up and running in no time! Demo code was great. Can't wait to start custom development!

this should be a demo kit, not a development kit

I was able to make the kit work once it became obvious the connections to the Pico are labeled from the bottom, not the top. The canned demo of the display capability then worked. But there is virtually no information on how to interface to the display for other purposes.