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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Microchip’s 16F877A 8-Bit Processor. 8K of program space and 33 I/O lines, 8 of which are 10bit Analog to Digital converter capable. Runs up to 20MHz with external crystal. Package can be programmed in circuit.


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Customer Comments

  • Or, get these free of cost by visiting the Microchip website and filling out a sample request.
    Or, purchase them from Microchip at $4.94 a piece.

    • you can’t get this for “free” from Mircochip.
      A: Order from sparkfun for 8.95
      B: pay $15 from microchip or sample for $7.50 without shipping cost included and wait 1-2 weeks.

      • Really? I bought one of these for about $5 at Wholesale buying is alot cheaper, but if I knew about Sparkfun at the time, I would have bought it from them. Go Sparkfun!

    • And pay the international shipping in most cases

  • Whoops! Your Link appears to be broken. Here’s the link I found:
    Just Helpin' out!

  • PIC16F877A is not in production any more by Microchip
    It’s recommended in Microchip website to use PIC16F887 instead of this product
    I’m going to buy lots of things from sparkfun including Cana kit programmer .. and I want to make sure if there is any difference between the two products..
    If there is not .. I’m going to buy PIC16F877A from here ..
    anyway, if there is a difference .. I’m going to buy PIC16F887 from some where else ..
    I hope you respond to me as quick as possible

  • I’m trying to run the serial 160x128 graphic lcd with this. If anyone has accomplished this, could they post some help?

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