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I am a 7th grader who live south-western colorado right next to the four corners. I enjoy everything affiliated with electronics, mechanics, building, tennis, chickens (I’m not talking about eating them, I mean as pets), and tactics. In 6th grade, I won 1st place at the regional science fair and 3rd at state for my project, “The Laser Car”. This year I did not enter the science fair, but I am working on my new project, “SpiBot Proto I”. If you would like to ask a question, comment, or need any other information, please contact me via my email: sam.berrada@gmail.com


The Chicken Whisperer II

Spoken Languages


Programming Languages

C and Assembly, learning java, directX, and processing 1.0




Mechatronics and Robotics, as well as some other fields of engineering


Mechatronical engineering and all subsets, tennis, swimming, soccer, basketball, football, golf, hiking, kayaking, and some other smaller ones.


If you need a ton of ICs, go to www.newark.com

  • I see where you’re coming from, and believe me, I had similar thoughts about certain projects at the state fair. My project may seem a bit ridiculous, being pulled off by an 8th grader in the middle of nowhere, but it wasn’t too difficult when you boil it down to the basics. As for the money, the project was hovering around the $100 range, which I could’ve easily gotten for myself if necessary (I gradually built up parts over the years). A majority of the project lies in the code, which as you would imagine, is free. If you still have doubts, I understand, but to clarify on how “legitimate” this project is, I can confirm on doing 99% of the work involved, including the display board.

  • Yes! Finally! Just hope I don’t get kicked out of my quiz midway because of the massive lag.

  • I greatly enjoyed flashing the tree back and forth very quickly. This may just be a coincidence, but there seemed to be more viewers when I started doing that.

  • I would love to take one of the jobs, except I’m not even close to being old enough.

  • Kudos to Jim, that was a very informative video(BTW, your workspace is a lot cleaner than mine is).

  • The motherboard is probably the best deal out of all this. I mean, a whole motherboard for 33 dollars?! You guys better have those in stock, because they are gonna sell like coal!

  • If I don’t get to go next year, I will literally hi-jack a C-17 cargo jet just to get there! The inventor inside me is screaming to be let out in San Mateo!

  • Will these fit a 13-year old mad engineer?

  • I’m feeling very sad at this moment because I know that across the country, people are having FREE SMD CLASSES, while I have to pay 50 bucks instead of going to the biggest geek festival of the year. The Universe just loves messin' with me during the times of great nerd-dom.

  • Just the thought of not being able to go to Maker Faire tortures the geek within me :(

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