Luxeon III LED - White 3 Watt (Sale)

Replacement: None. We are discontinuing this line of Luxeon LEDs. This page is for reference only.

The field proven technology of Luxeon LEDs comes to the SFE masses! This**3Watt LED (yes, 1A peak) is bright. Blindingly bright. It's so bright, it's silly really.


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  • These things really hurt your eyes. Be careful with them. Buy the SF breakout boards and your life will be nice and simple.

  • If you are going to hook this up to a lithium battery that puts out about 3.7 volts (Actually like 4.1) When fully charged) Do you just hook it straight up to the battery? Or can you use a resistor to limit the miliamps to the light so it lasts longer?

  • There leds are fragile but very impressive, i burned two of them, because my power supply was set with an offset of 2volt!!

  • Got a couple of these to mess around with and they are so bright they freak me out a little bit.
    They get HOT. After feeling how quick one heats up I'm not going to use mine until my spark fun break out board arrives.

  • WOW! is all I can say with only 580mA these things are amazingly bright. I think my coral will like these.

  • Wow! Its been an hour and I still have an after image from just one LED running at 25% power. My son wants to make a 6*6 array of these as a photo studio light source. The great benefit is hardly any heat. But 36 of these would cost nearly $300 without even adding the heatsinks and power suppy (36 AMPS!!!). Maybe we should rethink this!

    • You could always look at the triple play rebel boards. They have heatsinks and driver boards (coming soon), so it makes it a bit easier.

    • 36A if you run them in parallel. If you put 3 in series, you'd only need 12A. A cheapo computer power supply I have puts out 18A on the 12v rail. Use that to power a constant current source and you won't need an expensive PSU.

  • can i run 3 or 4 of these in series without a resistor off of 12V car voltage to replace a headlight? i want to take some load off my alternator. current headlights are 51W x 2 lights. 9 watts a light would be very nice.

    • No.
      Thats actually illegal as all lights must pass Department of Transportation testing. Plus these would still not be as bright at long range as your headlights. If youre worried about your alternator having too much load, do the proper thing and upgrade it to a higher capacity one.

      • DOT rules vary from state to state; it's legal to make your own in mine but you're only allowed to have 4 'lamps' at a time.
        Also, it's hard to say whether 9W of LED light would be dimmer or brighter than 51W of halogen. I'd guess that they'd be dimmer, but much less than 5 times as dim.
        Also, 2 amps won't hurt your alternator a bit. Nearly all alternators put out at least 65 amps, if your vehicle is large and came with lots of power options (windows, doors, trailer lights, etc.), you've likely got 100A or more.

  • this is a great little led
    use the breakout and some type of heatsink, and this will run directly off a lipo or 3.7v supply

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