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Born in Amarillo, I spent most of my life in LA before moving back to Texas, this time the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Graduate high school in ‘08 and im too poor to afford college.


Consumer of space, oxygen, and foodstuffs.


Texas Four Wheel Drive - DFW Chapter

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English and Pidgen Spanish.

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HTML….so far…


Uhm….see organizations?


James Martin High School.


Vehicles, Guns, Paintball, Computers, Random other tidbits.


Off-Roading, Mechanic work, Anything with computers, designing random bits.

  • News - Final Day to Fund the Nat… | about a year ago

    Toyotas cars, for the most part arent meant to be sports cars. The Scion tC and FR-S are sportier, and the FR-S is even rear wheel drive. For a sporty Toyota get a Lexus.

  • News - New Product Friday: Joint… | about 2 years ago

    I would really doubt that. I use a Savox 1256TG on my Axial SCX10. That outputs ‘only’ 277oz/in of torque and I have ripped the stock Axial mounts to pieces in a hard steering bind. These little beams simply do not look strong enough for that. On go-fast RC cars like my Slash, I have hit hard enough to dislodge bullet connectors and servo tape, these would snap. Granted, im hard on my stuff, but still.

    Id assume this mount is for light duty stuff, looks like itd work admirably for that.

  • News - Modkit Micro | about 2 years ago

    Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a complete knowledge of C or Assembly. What do non noob people use? AVRs programmed in assembly? Lots of logic gates? Straight up transistors?

    How bout you get up off your high horse and understand that more people taking a functional interest in electronics is a good thing. Taking some of the intimidation factor out is a good thing. This program is even better since you can flip into code view and actually see whats going on under the hood.

  • News - Final AVC Reminder | about 2 years ago

    Turns out that watching people work isnt all that awesome. Sparkfun would be a cool place to work, but its not The Office. Just lots of people at desks and workstations cranking things out. Anytime I want to see something like that, I just kind of turn my head from side to side, and there it is!

    Not to mention the obvious privacy concerns.

  • News - Final AVC Reminder | about 2 years ago

    Hey, you remember how 7-8 years ago all cool techy sites had streaming webcams everywhere? And now they dont?

    Theres a reason for that.

  • News - Little Box Stores | about 2 years ago

    I worked at Frys Electronics up until recently. They do carry the ossep line. While im not saying dont go for it, the buyers at Frys are a little less than pleasant and sometimes can be resistant to niche products.

    I now work at Hobbytown, and what most people dont realize is that Hobbytown is a franchise chain, so the owners keep up with their own stuff. It might be worth checking into that, hobbytown doesnt mind niche stuff, they just wont keep a huge amount on hand.

  • Product TOL-10892 | about 2 years ago

    Eh, youll get over it, but hopefully the next time you try to shut someone down like that, youll remember this convo. And I know of some other people who would have been much sharper in their reply.

    I wasnt deliberately trying to hurt your feelings, but judging from your attitude you would have written off anything else. Judging from your response below (the upvoted one), you still didnt quite get it…

    And that wasnt a tautological argument, it makes perfect sense from a business standpoint: Windows is the dominating OS. You, as a business person want your product exposed to the most people. You therefore develop for windows. Since windows is the easiest OS to buy products for, people keep buying windows. Repeat cycle. PCs also have a much lower ‘buy in’ than macs.

    And while linux can run on any system, unless you like not having wireless drivers, graphics drivers, or any other ‘quirks’, youre better off configuring a PC based around what you want to do with linux.

    I know there are other OSs, just as I know there are other fuels besides gasoline, my favorite being Nitromethane (also a huge car nerd). And they all have there places. But Linux (unless something seriously changes) WILL NOT supplant windows as the king of the desktops. But it runs just fine on embedded systems and servers, where the end user doesnt have to set anything up.

    Macs will have to get MUCH cheaper, and the software will have to get more plentiful and cheaper as well to gain a serious amount of ground. A standard two computer setup for Macs (Laptop and desktop) can easily run about (or over) $4k. I spent $4k on my Suzuki Samurai…

    “and not give anyone room to fail except yourself, OR you can do something worthwhile.” Im not sure what that means…you were given room to fail gracefully. But nope, you had to pitch attitude, so if you wanna go the distance that way, thats fine. And I do lots of worthwhile things.

    I like to think that by trying to change your attitude now, while youre young, can help someone in the future who gets saddled with the job of teaching you.

  • Product TOL-10892 | about 2 years ago

    I disagree. A $300 windows machine can run just fine, with much less setup than a linux machine. In fact, take that $300 computer, uninstall all the crap the OEM provider put on, and see what a difference that makes. Most people complaining about performance of new windows machines can usually fix the problem by removing all the stuff HP and Dell put on the machines. I recommend this to anyone buying a PC at work.

    You dont seem to have experience outside of what youve read about on linux forums anyways…

  • Product TOL-10892 | about 2 years ago

    Since youre only in sixth grade, take it from someone who has been into computers basically since youve been born (I also sell software for a living as well).

    1. Windows dominates partly because of how popular it is. This seems like a contradictions, but its easy to find a wide variety of software to it.

    2. Apple machines are ridiculously priced. $2500 for a Mac Pro? No thanks, my gaming PC cost that much, but is much more powerful. PCs can be had for very cheap, and can be upgraded easily.

    3. Linux is too much for the end user most times. Yes, even Ubuntu. Ive run several flavors (and keep my BT5 USB stick handy), and all took lots of work for me (an admitted geek) to get working well. 99% of end users dont want that.

    4. The current linux counter number sits at close to 60 million. Its simply not a credible guess.

    5. “You know, in this world, to gain the trust of (smart) people, you have to have first-hand experience and facts to back stuff up.” Really kid? Youre 12, please sit down, shut your mouth, and do some listening when people talk. Yes, I would tell you this in person, its the biggest lesson you can learn.

    6. Also, youve only run windows for 6 months…was that windows XP or 7? If it was XP…go back and run an 8 year old version of linux and see how things are. XP is old hat, if you havent run 7 passing judgement on Windows for that reason makes your question to phalanx about him running linux hypocritical.

  • News - New Product Friday: A Dat… | about 3 years ago

    Any chance of sparkfun ever carrying Deans connectors?

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