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  • I have close familiarity with a wide number of motorsports, most prevalent being drag racing and different off road disciplines.

    In drag racing and onroad this design wouldnt be that big of a deal. Off road is a different story however. Off road racing is jarring (meaning the device would have to know the difference between a crash and a mistimed jump for example), and can require the driver to exit the vehicle to do repairs, which means this thing is just in the way. Easy on/off would be important there for example.

    Not knocking it in any, im going to keep a close eye on this because I think its a good progression on the HANS device, just a reminder that different disciplines may take some different approaches.

  • Magnesium probably isn't the best choice, given how energetically it will burn.

    Also, is there a reason that it cant be mounted on the racing seat itself?

  • These have a very low output rating for such a thing. Please do the smart thing and by the more expensive batteries if youre building a vape setup, so that it doesnt blow up in your face.

  • Wow, is that all it takes to be a die hard? ;D

  • The DIY Stencil kit is a pretty cool idea.

  • Toyotas cars, for the most part arent meant to be sports cars. The Scion tC and FR-S are sportier, and the FR-S is even rear wheel drive. For a sporty Toyota get a Lexus.

  • I would really doubt that. I use a Savox 1256TG on my Axial SCX10. That outputs 'only' 277oz/in of torque and I have ripped the stock Axial mounts to pieces in a hard steering bind. These little beams simply do not look strong enough for that. On go-fast RC cars like my Slash, I have hit hard enough to dislodge bullet connectors and servo tape, these would snap. Granted, im hard on my stuff, but still.

    Id assume this mount is for light duty stuff, looks like itd work admirably for that.

  • Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be born with a complete knowledge of C or Assembly. What do non noob people use? AVRs programmed in assembly? Lots of logic gates? Straight up transistors?

    How bout you get up off your high horse and understand that more people taking a functional interest in electronics is a good thing. Taking some of the intimidation factor out is a good thing. This program is even better since you can flip into code view and actually see whats going on under the hood.

  • Turns out that watching people work isnt all that awesome. Sparkfun would be a cool place to work, but its not The Office. Just lots of people at desks and workstations cranking things out. Anytime I want to see something like that, I just kind of turn my head from side to side, and there it is!

    Not to mention the obvious privacy concerns.

  • Hey, you remember how 7-8 years ago all cool techy sites had streaming webcams everywhere? And now they dont?

    Theres a reason for that.