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Solar Cell Small - 0.45W

Packaged solar cell with barrel plug termination. This is a custom cell produced for SFE - not a small toy surplus item! This unit is rated for 4.5V open voltage and 100mA short circuit. We actually took a random unit outside and measured 4.95V open voltage and 94mA short circuit.

Termination is a 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel plug, center positive on a 2m cable. Mates directly with many of our development boards. Monocrystalline high efficiency cells at 15-15.2%. Unit has a clear epoxy coating with hard-board backing. Robust sealing for out door applications!

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  • 3.7 x 2.4"

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  • Could I use a 5v step-up on this to create a regulated 5v output from the solar cell?

  • Does anyone know if it has an internal blocking diode?

  • I bought one of these and it works great, my problems is that if it's poor whether (like cloudy) for 2-3 days the battery that my project uses will drain.
    If it is sunny the thing gives about 100mA, but if its cloudy it will give a bout 1mA the difference was allot bigger than i expected.

  • Has anyone measured the power out of this panel? At short circuit (zero voltage) the 100 mA won't do any work and at open circuit there is no current. Does anyone know what voltage this panel runs at when it is producing the most power (mA x V)?

  • What are the physical dimensions of the panel?

  • Can it be used with raspberry pi thanks.

  • I'm thinking this could be very friendly with a MoPi! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hamishcunningham/mopi-mobile-and-24-7-power-for-the-raspberry-pi

  • Would I be able to charge a 2000mah lipo with this? I have a power cell I could use as a charger.

    • A bit late maybe but yes, this solar panel will charge a 2000mAh battery. Although I wouldn't recommend a power cell. I would recommend a sunny buddy, which has Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to get the most power out of the solar panel. You may have to wire two of these panels in series to get enough voltage to work with the sunny buddy though.

      Just a thought though: This solar panel and the sunny buddy in full sun will charge the previously mentioned battery in about 20 hours. Just something to consider.

  • Could I use this to power an Aniomagic kit instead of the included battery? Or is it too powerful?

  • Just found out these fit perfectly in http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Hammond/1554F2GYCL/ if you're looking for outdoor deployment. Despite the "Robust sealing for out door applications!" assurances, the exposed grounding pin leaves me a little weary.

  • I need a solar panel for my "waspmote" project. Somehow it is consuming too much power and the battery dies in a matter of weeks.

    The waspmote in hibernate mode consumes around 0.1mA per day, which is really little, what is the best solar panel for my case?

    www.libelium.com/documentation/waspmote/waspmote-technical_guide_eng.pdf here for details.

  • Does anyone know the weight?

  • How well does this work with the Energy Harvester?

    From what I've read so far it requires a minimum voltage input of ~5v? Does this solar cell maintain a stable 4.5v potential with varying current?

  • How will this run with an Arduino uno? I currently use the 5V setting, but if I need 3.3V for this, is it at least worth it? For anyone interested, I am making a self powered machine!

  • I have an Energizer Energi to Go 4001 usb battery that I would like to charge via solar energy. Can I use this solar panel or would i need to run 2 in series?
    Input from wall plug is DC 5v 1.5A.

  • Can I use this panel with an Arduino Duemilanove?

    • The Arduino Duemilanove needs either regulated 5V or unregulated > 6.5V to operate properly. You might take a look at the 3.3V versions of the Arduino Pro and Pro Mini, which would be very happy with this panel.

  • this works directly with the barrel plug on the li-po battery charger board! Very awesome!

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Works Great

I used this small solar panel to charge a battery powered LED patio light. So far it is working fine. I would buy again.