Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Yellow on Blue 5V

This is a basic 16 character by 2 line display with a Blue background and a Yellow backlight. Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset (datasheet). Interface code is freely available. You will need ~11 general I/O pins to interface to this LCD screen. Includes yellow LED backlight. These modules are the thin type.

  • Dimensions: 3.15" x 1.425" x 0.300"

Basic 16x2 Character LCD - Yellow on Blue 5V Product Help and Resources

PIC-Based Serial Enabled Character LCD Hookup Guide

May 29, 2018

The PIC-based serial enabled character LCD backpack is a simple and cost effective solution for interfacing to character Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) based on the HD44780 controller. The backpack simplifies the number of wires needed and allows your project to display all kinds of text and numbers.

Basic Character LCD Hookup Guide

May 28, 2019

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are a great way to output a string of words or sensor data to a display for visual feedback. In this tutorial, we'll learn about LCDs, how to print a string of words to a 16x2 basic character LCD and create custom characters.

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  • elwalto / about 14 years ago / 2

    Oh, it looks like this LCD has a back light, don't i feel stupid.

  • elwalto / about 14 years ago / 2

    I bought this LCD, but it is almost impossible to read. It is not nearly as bright as the one in the picture on spark fun. I tried adjusting the contrast to no avail. Am i doing something wrong?

  • Sleepisfortheweak / about 13 years ago / 1

    This LCD is a lot brighter if you swap the 100ohm (R7) resistor on the back with something like a 10ohm.
    I had the same brightness issue others seem to be having so I checked the datasheet. The backlight LED has a pretty high forward voltage and current that the included 100ohm doesn't really drive from 5V. With 10ohms, the current draw is more like the datasheet spec - 90mA at 5V.

  • Joe38 / about 13 years ago / 1

    for PIC directly, but you can implement driver for any microcontroller easily using mine as a base...
    its just digital output high/lows so lol

  • bryank / about 14 years ago / 1

    Lucky for me my LCD happened to have other unexplainable problems by Sparkfun's tech support. They offered me a new LCD so I will be getting the white on black version. Sparkfun's techsupport and customer service are the best I have ever experienced!

  • bryank / about 14 years ago / 1

    Sparkfun tech support was super helpful, no complaints there, however if you can get the LCD this bright then it is your lucky day because my product is barely readable :( Might try the white on black LCD?

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