Wire Wrap Wire - Black (30 AWG)

30 AWG wire for wire wrapping. Comes in Red, Black, and Yellow! Very important to color code projects. Or else at 2am: "Which ones are the power bus?" 100' wire comes on spool.

Customer Comments

  • What is the voltage rating on the insulation? I am looking for something that is safe at 300V.

  • Is this stuff lead-free?

  • Is wire wrap wire different from any other kind of 30 AWG wire?

  • Does anyone know the resistivity of this stuff? Also, how flexible is it? I'd like to use it to make heated motorcycle gloves.

    • Good question. This wire is pretty flexible, but has very low resistance. I don't think you could get it to heat up without some serious power pushing through it (scary).<br />
      <br />
      Instead - I've used the 6-ply conductive thread with awesome results:<br />
      http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10119<br />
      The thread will be a lot more flexible and a better heater.

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