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LED Light Pipe 0.6" Round

Light pipes are a great way to transfer light from LED's from inside cases to the outside. Mount them flush, have them sticking out, or make little robot eyes from them! They have a ridge at the bottom for mounting and a concave surface on the top for focusing light that passes through them. They can easily be cut down in length if you need it to be shorter.

  • 0.17x0.6"


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  • LED Pipe in the dining room?
    Sorry, couldn't stop myself.

  • If you're going to use archaic imperial measurements, please stick to fractions.

  • Just to be clear, these do not come with the accessories listed in the datasheet, and are not necessary if you mount the light pipe counter intuitively. Well, counter-intuitively to me, anyway. Mount the flange inside the enclosure.

  • wouldn't this be .6cm, not .6 inches?

  • When are you expecting theses back. In stock?, thanks...

  • Just asking, but what is this doing in Buttons/Switches category?

    • I would assume because they are great to extend the length of the lit tactile buttons. That's what I'm buying 'em for.

      • Same here. I would not have found them if they weren't here. They fit well with the LED tactile switches, especially for chassis-mount situations.

  • Is it possible to file down the side of one of these, and have the light come out of the formerly round side?
    My guess is... no. It would be great for certain things though.

  • Does anyone know if these work better with clear LEDs, or should I use diffused ones?

    • They're brighter with clear LEDs. The top is cut in a concentric cricle pattern, so you won't gain any benefits from using diffused LEDs, since it is essentially already diffused.

      Edit: after reading the description again, I was using them upside-down (not mounted yet), but the same rules apply.

  • As simple as this is, this is a wonderful add. Thanks, SFE.

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