GS407 Breakout Board

Replacement:BOB-10496. This board had errors with the pinout of the connector. The new version fixes these errors.

This is a breakout board to allow simple access to the tightly pitched pins on the GS406 and GS407 GPS units. This board breaks out all of the necessary pins to a row of standard 0.1" spaced header to allow for easy bread boarding and simple connection.


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  • Has anyone used these successfully? When inspecting the traces, I've noticed that connections match up like this:
    (Top Left) ----- (Top Right)
    Gnd ----------- Gnd
    Vin ----------- Batt
    Gnd ----------- Gnd
    Gnd ----------- Rx
    GPIO ----------- Tx
    Which maps to the pins:
    1 ----------- 2
    3 ----------- 4
    5 ----------- 6
    7 ----------- 8
    9 ----------- 10
    However, when I attempt to connect it to my ublox connector, I can't get it to mate properly. When looking at the ublox on the bench, it has the following pin-out when looking at the connector and the helix antenna is pointed to the left:
    upper left ---- upper right
    10 ----------- 9
    8 ----------- 7
    6 ----------- 5
    4 ----------- 3
    2 ----------- 1
    Now when I flip the ublox onto the interface board, the pins line up like so:
    10 -> 2 ----------- 9 -> 1
    8 -> 4 ----------- 7 -> 3
    6 -> 6 ----------- 5 -> 5
    4 -> 8 ----------- 3 -> 7
    2 -> 10 ----------- 1 -> 9
    I verified that the ublox connector Pins 1,2,5,6 and 7 are all inter-connected. Therefore, when I apply power to the Vin port (breakout pin 3 / ublox pin 7), I'm creating a short directly to ground.
    I tried to turn the board 180 degrees to see if it worked that way, but the pins still didn't allign. My assumption is that the pinout of the breakout board is incorrect, and was wondering if anyone else had noticed this issue

    • I just got one of these myself and ran into the same problem. Contacting customer support to see if I can get a replacement that works.

      • I am removing stock. We will revise the board and make sure it's 100% before releasing it to the website this time. We will have a revision when we can get it redesigned and new boards ordered. For anyone that has this board, please contact for a refund. We apologize for the error and will get a new board out as soon as possible.

  • i need this part
    can anyone help me

    • We are still working on getting this completely accurate before we release it again. We do appreciate your patience!

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