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  • boom

  • Have you read like ANY of Mike’s other posts? Lighten up, no one forces you to read or watch.

  • p conversion not only would have weighed more, but taken up more volume for the same capacity (or the same volume at a limited capacity). The heavier weight and possibly larger volume would have required

    The fix they went with was thick stainless steel boxes to contain any “explosion”. They killed their mass savings. But switching to an alternate chemistry would require redesign of the power system. Once they get it figured out the stainless can go away.

  • The $0.1 chip only works until the customer changes requirements or the new rev wants to add features… I don’t think I have seen a 555 chip anywhere in the wild outside of a DIY kit or measurement equipment built by 555 fanboys.

  • But the Pro-Mini comes with the 555 blink by default… change the blink sketch for timing. Minimal brain required. Checkmate.

  • Looks great! So that’s the blue light I see on my drive home :)

  • Advanced is SUPER reliable. I have never had an issue with their work. If there is a problem or a hint of one they try to let you know. Other shops just run your board however you send it even if it’s an honest mistake.

  • $3? Here is your $3 blue tooth. Try to fit that in the same form factor. It comes with an FCC ID.

  • Sometimes suppliers will compete (some suppliers will price match), but usually qty’s of Sparkfun are rounding errors for the big distributors. The best thing suppliers can bring to the table is lead times and small (sub 10,000) qty’s. It also takes a lot of time and energy to negotiate prices well. Big companies can get away with it because they are selling millions of units. There is much more to gain. When there are smaller qty’s the effort required quickly outweighs the savings gains. Sometimes it’s effort better spent finding the next new thing.

  • Each product has a different focus. Snap Circuits is more about building circuits. LittleBits are more about the ideas of data flow. I would not lump them into the same category.

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