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  • I’ll have to look at the spec sheet of the launch but this thing THUMPS off the pad. The engines of these rockets are surplus surface to air missiles :)

  • Ha I love that our team’s video (RockSat-X experience made it!)

  • It burns! The tide burns!!!!

  • Hipster Engineer - “It’s called hooting, you probably never heard of it…”

  • “When Billy Ray said he loved his hooters I was confused. Until now…”

  • I would be alright without Freeday this year if it could fund this.

  • And now I wait for back order…

  • “I make my living in large part working with open code. ”

    So how do you generate revenue?

    You (Sparkfun) sell tangible products. If Sparkfun did not produce the hardware it designed it would not exist. Im not saying this is bad in any way. Sparkfun does a great service to developers but I feel that this is a major point not addressed by the OSHW/SW movement. If you are not producing a tangible product or acting as a support contractor (Red Hat) how do you generate revenue?

  • I agree with your observation of the SFE business model.

    I have always had the question, if you open source all software how do you pay software engineers. Open sourcing everything moves the business incentives to producing hardware and inserting yourself in the supply chain. Some say that software can sell the hardware, but in many cases it is the software that gives value to the hardware. Case in point look at the app store. If everything was free and open source you would remove the incentive for developers to clean up their work or actually bug track. If you follow open source software 9/10 you will find that the people developing either have steady jobs or it’s being used on a resume to better their career.

    Im not saying that open source is bad, I there are people that don’t understand that behind every apt-get there is thousands of man hours that you are not paying for.

    There is no free lunch…

  • That gyro is crooked!

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