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Revising and upgrading my split keyboard project with the new Qwiic Pro Micro C.

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  • Thank you! I definitely agree about USB's with tht anchor points.

    In my experience in assembly and usage USB connectors with 4 points of through hole anchor tend to be pretty solid, all our new designs (both micro-b and usb-c) use the hybrid pth/smd style connectors (afaik) where the usb lines are surface mount but the case has through hole (usually flush with pcb and not protruding) style anchor points. Everything USB-C we use here at sparkfun has the anchor points. [Pololu]("https://www.pololu.com/product/2586"] make some nice Micro-B breakouts with a small footprint that I enjoy.

  • Thanks! I've heard stories of people doing irresponsibly long i2c lengths and getting away with it I could do software serial over the i2c pins and still be able to use the qwiic connector I suppose, that would be my next direction if i can't figure it out. The firmware has gone through some refactoring since I last put the keyboard together so I'll have to check. I appreciate the input!

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