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Revising and upgrading my split keyboard project with the new Qwiic Pro Micro C.

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How to add simple animations with LEDs to your projects using Arduino!

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Details from a project upgrading an old incandescent lamp to utilize addressable LEDs

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Check out our latest tutorial on levitating magnets and creating a wireless light!

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Building a DIY personal, portable, briefcase computer workstation with a Raspberry Pi!

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We added a follow-up GPS tutorial to increase your GPS skills a few weeks ago. Now we want to show you a practical example with a handheld GPS coordinate logger that will pin locations for your viewing pleasure using Google Earth.

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What do you do after the SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Arduino? Here are a few more tutorials to help take your projects to the next level!

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We collected over two hundred retired testbeds and turned them into art! Join us as we highlight this project and tell some of the stories behind these dusty old circuit boards.

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Many of us at SparkFun consume coffee for breakfast, maybe lunch or dinner, but for some go-getters it's all three. Join me as I dig into the habits and trends of our breakroom coffee setup.

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Ramp up your GPS tracking skills with KML files and Google Earth.

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The trials of setting up a Web Server with Bootstrap, SPIFFS and ESPAsync.

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Two new ways to follow along with each SIK project!

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The trail-ready lightning detector has been out in the wild getting some good use. As summer nears its end, it is a great time to take the project back to the drawing board and figure out what should be upgraded, what should be added and what can be removed – just in time for some fall outdoor adventures!

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More new project videos for your SIK v4.1!

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Here's a collection of fun ideas for any students going back to school this fall.

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A new way to learn electronics and programming from the SparkFun Inventor's Kit!

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