Two new Qwiic boards to help you connect with I2C, and three new rotary potentiometers!

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It's Friday, and we have two more fantastic Qwiic boards and two micro:bit learning kits to share!

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How to use Qwiic connectors to make versatile control panels that can control a myriad of electronics projects.

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Three new Qwiic boards, a new iteration of the MindWave Mobile and a small update to our mbed Starter Kit. It's Friday!

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Who said there could be only one? How about FOUR great new Qwiic boards!

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Two new dev boards built exclusively for MicroPython, an environmental sensor combo and Qwiic!

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Cool! I wrote an enigma machine for the AVR back probably 2007 or so. I had just finished a print cartridge system for a client that used…
Yeah, If it isn’t clear from the post, this is a teaching tool. Don’t use it for anything you can’t afford to have hacked.
yep. This algorithm discloses one “secret” value at a time for anyone listening to the exchange. Equivalent to just sending one value of the…
I use a automotive spray body filler on PLA and then lightly sand them with a 600 grit wet sand paper. The printed parts look like they were…
You should add a big disclaimer to this article to not even think of using this algorithm for actual security. While it’s a nice…
The surface texture has always been a problem with these 3D printed parts. I’ve made a lot of props for cosplayers and that texture has been…
You should fix this too: “(“headless” meaning without a keyboard, mouse or keyboard)”
About time! :-) Unfortunate that for less than Pi 3 it still requires an SD card

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