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  • Hmmm… Been using these loggers for over two years. Latest batch will not allow me to update the firmware to my own, using the ‘older’ method. Looking at the OPENLog website it appears the bootloader has changed. The only instructions I can find for updating the latest version is to use Ardunio stuff. Since I have a fully tested and working hex file that I want to upload, I cannot use the new instructions. Anybody any idea on how to update the firmware (I have a hex file) with the latest (post March) bootloader? I’ve a nice little serial/TTL converter all ready and willing :-) P.S. I re-tested my ‘old’ method on an older OPENLog device and it works fine. Just not on these new suckers.

  • PTH = “Plated Through Hole”…

  • Sorry I thought that was obvious. If hazmat wants to try Arduino he can. If then decides it’s not for him, the board can be configured for Pic32 only use. Simple really

  • Why not try the best of both worlds then. The new PIC32 based Arduino boards. Faster, more memory, more features and what’s more, less expensive than the Atmel stuff :-)

  • Should have said.. using it at 868MHz

  • I’m using this chip (not this particular module), at 17dbm power setting with matched passive antenna… just over 2 miles max range attained (RSSI level down to around 30). Si-Labs themselves get something similar I think with their dev-kit at 20dbm but I think that’s due to the noise floor on the dev kit.

  • Aw man. I’m wrong. I was thinking of the new HopeRf module. Sorry !

  • Hi Ariel,
    The RSSI value can be read at anytime. The threshold detect does not have to be used.

  • ok. A bit more testing later. The logger fails when just over 1gig. Is this known about?

  • I’ve been testing these modules prior to installing in some equipment, ready to log long term on a beta product.
    Apart from teething trouble at the start (the instructions for flashing are now out of date), I have managed to recompile and flash the firmware correctly. I have changed the code to 115200 in all cases.
    I am using a 2gig SD card (not SDHC). Amongst other testing, I tested the open log by filling the card with 1.6gig of data (a 1.6gig file), then inserted the card into the openlog device. It fails to log with an “error writing to file” always. If I reformat and do not put 1.6gb data into the card, it always works correctly, it can log data.
    My query is, has the openlog been tested to capacity of a 2gig SD card. Has anyone actually managed to fill a 2 gig card without errors?
    I’m wondering at what point the logger starts to fail?
    Any ideas?

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