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  • Thanks for the reply and I look forward to reading more about your companies experience with this machine! You can run my esp programmer if you want to try those parts saves me from hand poping one.

  • Where do I start with my questions =)

    • Have you tried it on WS2812’s or SK6812s? (or other J lead components)
    • I know you said it’s not great with QFN’s is this the case with BGA/ LGA commponents as well? I do a lot with lead-less packages these days.
    • A board i make a lot of has one FT231XS-R chip on it and a Mini USB. Try anything like that with it? ( think based on your info the Mini USB won’t clear your Z height)

    Would be nice to automate this build. I’ve gotten quite fast as hand populating the board with my manual PnP. I can usually stencil and pop the board in 5-6min (34 SMD parts) but when I have to make 100 of them it would be nice to do them automated.

  • Ohh! I want to know more. I almost bought one last year! I have a Chineese reflow oven (T-962A) and I love it so I’ve been really thinking about the Chinese PnP machines. I currently have a manual pick and place setup with vacuum and tape reel dispensers.

  • Nate and Sparkfun! Some awesome projects you helped make possible over the years! Can’t wait for the next 15 years!

  • my first order was 7400. It was in July 2006. I bought my first Arduino to control my Xmas lights from a Mac. I had recently been playing with the Parallel port on a PC and wanted a way to control relays from a web page on my Mac instead.

  • Edit away! I’m an engineer I only get offended when you put a resistor in backwards =). While your at it please fix my spelling anf grammar on past posts. All seriousness yours turned out nice.

  • It’s like you guys read my mind! I was thinking of building one of these systems as well then I came across this:


    Works with google calendar too. I’ll have to check your code out and see which one I like better =)

  • It was the textless button that got me! I’m not a big fan of the flat world these days but I understand. It’s far more universal to language being flat images.

  • I might be a bit of an old fart but I really miss how easy it used to be to manage your wishlists and add/remove an item from it. The new layout seams a bit more cumbersome every time I try to add an item to my wish list. Just my 2 cents.

  • Thanks for the info!I like the old way better =( I’m not a fan of obscure icons.