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  • In short, it’s a value add service to me. In an increasingly growing market of competition setting yourself above or in line with your competitors is key. If the headers come with the product its less hassle and less work to track them down. It also feels like an incomplete dev kit to me if I have to purchase parts to make it work separately. I understand soldering them on is a secondary process in manufacturing and I DFM(design for manufacturing) for my day job every day so I see the appeal to leave them off as a company. I really think throwing them in the bag is a huge value add and in the quantities bought are usually dirt cheap. If I don’t have to go looking for header pins in my lab or spend an extra buck or 2 on them I feel that is a huge value add and time savings for me. A perfect example of this is an Arduino shield. I rarely double stack shields and if I buy a shield I’m going to be attaching it to an Arduino. Why would I want to find header pins just to use it.

  • I think of most stuff sparkfun sells as a dev kit. I rarely if ever embedded a BOB, dev board, etc into a final project. I produce my own boards for all final products. With that said I prefer the header pins on the board. I can quickly de-solder them when they are in my way but I really like a breadboard footprint with headers for all my dev boards and breakout boards. Bare minimum throw the headers in a bag. I find too many time I’m short 1-2 pins in my stash of headers laying around in my lab to complete a board when i really need it. It is a convenience of not having to look around the lab to find pins or scavenge them from something. When I open the bag if they aren’t on the board and aren’t in the bag the dev kit might sit unused for a long time. Soldering a bunch of wires on to prove in something just isn’t why i buy a dev kit or breakout board.

  • as much as i’m glad spark fun is getting into CNC’s a belt driven CNC is not a good idea. it should be lead or ball screw. I was so excited to see it till I noticed the belts. but thanks for getting into the CNC market spark fun!

  • Awesome! If you guys need any help of advice let me know I used to design high end automation for homes, hotels, and commercial buildings. i.e.: custom lighting control (ac/dc, leading/trailing edge) multiroom audio, HVAC control and many others =) All fun stuff. Can’t wait to see your “apartment” evolve.

  • Link for “Phant” is down.

  • Glad to see a good old Friday new product post are back. I have to ask you have that TV screen in the corner always showing metered graphs. What do they represent and what do they measure?

  • Second that as well…

    While the AVR processor is nice it has become over priced and going out the door like the chips of yesterday. ARM’s are the way to go. I may pull an Arduino out once a month to prototype something and make a proof of concept out of it but in the end I use mostly ARM’s. The SAMD10 or SAMD11 is a perfect example of a great ARM chip to replace the UNO. in quantity it is under $1 per chip. It’s big brothers the SAMD20 and SAMD21 are around $2 bucks in quantity. With that said an arm SAMD20/21 can have almost the exact pin out of a MEGA and be 1/5 the cost.

    While this is sad it is time to spark a revolution in the Arduino world and Arduino needs to move to arm in the long run. Now is the time for Arduino to start up a whole new line of Arduino’s and bring the ARM’s into full light. I don’t believe that Arduino can survive as just an IDE. It needs both the hardware and software to stay strong for the future to come.

  • I was just thinking the same thing. I miss the old red box wall Friday new product posts. It was bring me to sparkfuns web page every Friday! Usually my wish lists would grow from them but ever since you switched to the new building I haven’t added anything to my cart on or wishlist on a Friday.

  • Personally I prefer STEP Or IGES to stl. I can do more with them in solidworks and inventor pro. But its awesome you guys are putting a 3d repository together!

  • I’ve been shopping with you guys since order 7600 some 8+ years ago and I’ll keep shopping with you for years to come!