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  • Product DEV-12071 | about a week ago

    I agree I don’t like them populated on the shield but I still like them included in the box/bag.

  • Product DEV-12071 | about a week ago

    No headers and no jumpers to work with the SPI bus on the mega? I know this is only a personal opinion and I love spark fun I just ordered 2 orders from you in the last month =) but I think this is lacking the competition this time around.

  • Product DEV-12071 | about 2 weeks ago

    I’m a bit confused by your spec’s above. It appears your supply Voltage in straight from the data sheet of the CC3000. Since you are using a 5-3.3V LDO shouldn’t you supply voltage for this board be based on those numbers. With that said shouldn’t this “Shield” be capable of over 5V in? and not 4.8? Looking at the data sheet of the LDO it is rated for up to 20V max 15V recommended max, and your shift register should be good for 5V tolerant pins such as a standard Arduino.

  • Product SEN-12017 | about 3 weeks ago

    The Hookup Guide shows this hooking directly up to an Arduino Uno. The UNO I2C Pins are 5V aren’t they? Shouldn’t there be a Logic Level Converter Bi-Directional like your BOB-12009 in there between the UNO I2C pins and the Touch Sensor I2C pins?

  • News - Your March Caption Contes… | about a month ago

    Ok After falling off the Toilet I now know how to make a flux capacitor! You! Go make me a 1.21 gigawatt reactor. By the way, the dog bed saved my fall.

  • Product LCD-11741 | about 4 months ago

    I just got mine in the mail for christmas and it’s missing the arduino breakout board =(

  • Product PGM-11460 | about 4 months ago

    When are you guys making more of these? I want to buy one.

  • News - Enginursday: For those of… | about 8 months ago

    I use Zterm for my VT-100 Terminal emulator. Very clean and simple to use. I’d like to see a lot of big name software for engineering ported to the mac. There are too many I use daily to name them all but I used Solidworks all the time at my day job and it would be much nicer to run it on a mac for connivence. Also some better PIC tools for mac would be nice. This day and age it’s just so easy to use an Arduino, the powerful little PIC is usually in the back of my mind because of the mac tools for it. Speaking of Atmel, Atmel Studio for mac would be welcomed as well. When are they going to put real time debugging and JTAG in Arduino! I could go on and on but I’ll stop there.

  • News - Your June Caption Contest | about 11 months ago

    Rex our spokesman “Introducing the new Dinoduino”

  • News - 3D Models of SparkFun Par… | last year

    +1 on 3D content central

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