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Description: Magnet wire is super useful stuff, and when you need it there’s nothing else that will work. Whether you’re winding a transformer or choke, fashioning your own motors or just playing with electromagnetism in general, nothing beats this thin-gauge enameled wire. This kit comes with three common gauges of wire: 22, 26 and 30AWG. Everyone has his or her own method for removing the enamel insulation and make a connection to this stuff, but a little abrasion with some sandpaper or scraping with a hobby knife works well. If you have an open flame handy, you can burn the enamel off as well, just be careful!


  • 40ft - 22AWG
  • 75ft - 26AWG
  • 200ft - 30AWG

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Customer Comments

  • Can you sell these 3 wires separately? Most applications we would have don’t use 3 different guages…

    • Maybe three bundles of different color magnet wires for brushless motor wiring or other uses.

  • A very old HAM radio trick to remove enamel. Take an Aspirin tablet, put the wire on it while heating with the tip of your soldering tool, thus no open flame, just heat, and the insulation will disappear. And by the way, the term “magnetic wire' is very confusing. As long there is no current running through this wire, no magnetic field. But I fear ti trigger an unnecessary discussion. Greets from Holland


  • The enamel isolation is probably based on isocyanates which are highly poisonous if you burn them. The best way to remove the insulation is by purely mechanical methods, for example scraping or sanding.

  • I do wish Sparkfun would carry some ferrite cores to use with these. Also, as another reviewer mentioned, most people don’t need three separate gauges of magnet wire. Ah well, to Amazon it is!

  • what is the resistance/foot?

  • Very useful for reworking fine pitch parts, wiring micro air vehicles, making joule thiefs. Now you just need the ferrite cores.

    • Yup, this all I use for reworking super fine pitch parts, I use 36 awg. This is a good price, I’ve seen 1000 ft spools for over 100 bucks. A must have in your arsenal for sure.

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