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Description: This is a brass sponge that will help clean your soldering iron tip. Use it to remove residue from your iron tip before soldering. It cleans better than conventional sponges and will not damage your iron tip. Made of low abrasive brass shavings and requires no water.  Works well as a replacement brass sponge for the Brass Sponge Base sold below.

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  • Is there a way to clean the solder off these? or do I just have to get a new one? After a while the solder has built up and stabbing it just makes the tip “dirtier” with old solder.

  • $3
    Just three bucks, and my solder tip is rejuvenated. I wish someone had lead me by the nose to purchase this when I first started playing with electronics.
    Worth every penny.

  • If the tip of a hot 25w iron is buried in this when it’s sitting in the stand, will it damage the sponge or the tip? Will the constant heat decrease the life of the sponge or make it brittle?
    (I’m making myself a custom solder stand and I’d like to use this in it.)

  • Excellent, simply excellent.
    I said goodbye to sponges.

  • If you find something in your box of Sparkfun goodies that looks like confetti, DON’T THROW IT AWAY! Most likely it’s this sponge. Works well, better than a conventional wet sponge, but you need to contain it somehow (baby food jars are the best) or it doesn’t work well at all.

    • Ack! Baby food jars…how did I not think of that!? I use a diet coke or pepsi can with the inner top cut away and a stainless steel wool pad instead. I’ll definitely grab one of these and stuff it into some Gerber eventually.

      • Keep this away from your kitchen; your spouse might think they need it to clean the dishes with it. Also, word to the wise, your dog might think this is a chew toy if it lands in their venue.

  • I don’t know why I ever used a sponge, this thing is awesome.

  • These sponges are great– my tips have never been happier :()
    I gave one to a friend who does wood-burning art– He was using sandpaper and his iron tips were always a mess– This works much better than a wet sponge and my tips seem to be lasting way longer.

  • This stuff is great, never again a sponge!

  • It’s cheap and it works. It cleans up the tip well, even on cheap irons like the RadioShack ones. I haven’t had any problems with it falling apart, but if it does I may try a soda can cut in half or other container.

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