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MAKE 12 - Beetlebot

  • very nice. On the robot when you connect your “red bot sensor” together, you can twist the wires together with a drill so it makes the wires harness more cleaner since we see it through the transparent plastic.

  • you have to look at the bright side, what Adafruit and Sparkfun are doing to teach kids about electronics. All the products, tutorials, videos, etc. to help us maker become better at what we love to do.

  • the GPS mouting strategie is interesting! Mounting on gimbal would help but add weight. Double GPS with different orientation would add redundancy but would cost more.

  • Rudolf! Christmas is only in 8 months!

  • Are those labels made with those old school DYMO mechanical embosser? HAHA! nice

  • @Member #107619 (spaceinvader)

    google “FLiR One Tear down” and check this out He started the reverse engineering of the camera.

    That is how you know the resolution.

  • Check the guys at Pure Engineering did a review:

  • That’s great! Thanks for the tear down! The pictures are not high resolution enough.

    You can see more pictures here

    There is 2 U.FL antenna connector!? One on the bottom layer, one on the top layer.

  • OH I understand, it’s a generated code by quantum leap software. After looking at the product page and a video, I understand why they use a finite machine. I wonder if it is Fetco or quantum leap fault? Fetco not able to program and test the product OR quantum leap not generating the proper code?

    At least there is a SD card to update the firmware!!

  • Hi RobK, do you have some libraries? Did you write code for this? I did try lots of people code. I will look into what you said. Thank you

    I still want to use the 328 with my projet. I am using low power so when I use the 32u4 I disable the USB then screwing up the bootloader. I am in the middle of writting a code to detect batterie vs USB and go in sleep mode.

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