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MAKE 12 - Beetlebot

  • nice work! I also started experimenting after seen David Shorey work.

  • remove admin

    it’s here

  • yes here it is

  • link to github is this

    and not the one with admin in it

  • Have you seen how Adadruit did their smart toilet, call IoT (Internet of Toilet)? It makes this usefull because it’s connected to internet so you can change colors dependings of weather, facebook likes, notifications, etc.

  • Nice work. I just google and saw that you can design Yagi antenna on PCB. That would make a nice looking dev board.

  • I once wanted to use RFID for drone racing. Now with this setup with the high gain antenna it’s possible. Right now we have a new system that detect the strength of the video feed from the drone itself. Each pilot have their own video frequency so the base station check the “RSSI” of each flying drone passing by. It can then measure laps. All that with no extra gear on the drone. Before that we had IR beacons.

  • yes, I mean 1Password for iOS device. I also tried minikeepass on ios that was good until I discovered 1Password.

  • There is some great app for password manager that will keep everything safe and easy to access instead of the little piece of paper near your router :P

    thanks for the tips, I will double check tonight my router password and make it right.

  • This is interesting… I did some research and the main advantage is aesthetic purpose (to look as much like an IC pin) and they say that header pins are too large for breadboard and can damage them. Even though we all have been doing that that for years! The top of the PCB can be flush mount vs header.

    Other then that, hard to beat 0.1 header that we all have laying around.

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