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  • Guide for dealing with your potentially self aware robots:

    • Keep your distance. Use shielding and saftey glasses when possible.
    • Try communicating with it, and clearly describe your intentions.
    • If all else fails: Glare at it, and threaten to reprogram it.
  • I would like to see this topic continued! RTOS are used in so many things, you got to start somewhere right :-)

    I have been meaning to download Atmel Studio, there is a plugin to include FreeRtos to the IDE with some fancy analysis tools showing the time slicing of the tasks and the simulated load on the processor. It might be worth checking out and writing a article on it :-)

  • This has been on my todo list for months now! Glad to hear it works well! :-)

    Could you post the link to what you used for your initial RTOS setup and documentation? Also, did you get it setup with the Arduino IDE or Atmel Studio?

  • The pdf only is a shame, my laser cutter is geared toward .dxf cutting also.

    Doing some poking around on the internet tho, I found this python script that lets you generate a box (castled or un-castled) directly to a dxf. :-) Python box maker dxf

    It claims it only works in inches, but poking through the code (not alot there, very simple python) it opens up a template.dxf file then plots the points in a copy of the template. If the template file was in mm, it just might also work. Im going to add updating this script to my to-do list so I can specify mm boxes :-)

  • Not quite, CMD should be hooked to Mosi.


    Here is the connections I used to get it working, used the CardInfo example sketch and an arduino due to test the system

    D3               -     chipSelect  (default pin 4 in sketch)
    CMD            -     MOSI
    CLK             -     SCK
    D0               -     MISO
    VDD            -      3.3v
    GND            -     GND
  • Were down to make anything bigger and better. DIPS and chocolate chips especially.

  • Thanks for the reply! Where did you find that information?

  • It works! The time travel shield works!

  • “stall trying to drive over a pencil” - you must be doing something wrong, this thing should have no problems going over a pencil. You axles sound way too tight, or you are not controlling the motors the right way and supplying them with proper power. What kind of motor controller are you using?

  • When life gives you brownouts, make your own solar powered lightbulbs.