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  • The pdf only is a shame, my laser cutter is geared toward .dxf cutting also.

    Doing some poking around on the internet tho, I found this python script that lets you generate a box (castled or un-castled) directly to a dxf. :-) Python box maker dxf

    It claims it only works in inches, but poking through the code (not alot there, very simple python) it opens up a template.dxf file then plots the points in a copy of the template. If the template file was in mm, it just might also work. Im going to add updating this script to my to-do list so I can specify mm boxes :-)

  • Not quite, CMD should be hooked to Mosi.

    Here is the connections I used to get it working, used the CardInfo example sketch and an arduino due to test the system

    D3               -     chipSelect  (default pin 4 in sketch)
    CMD            -     MOSI
    CLK             -     SCK
    D0               -     MISO
    VDD            -      3.3v
    GND            -     GND
  • Were down to make anything bigger and better. DIPS and chocolate chips especially.

  • Thanks for the reply! Where did you find that information?

  • It works! The time travel shield works!

  • “stall trying to drive over a pencil” - you must be doing something wrong, this thing should have no problems going over a pencil. You axles sound way too tight, or you are not controlling the motors the right way and supplying them with proper power. What kind of motor controller are you using?

  • When life gives you brownouts, make your own solar powered lightbulbs.

  • Thats a good question, we dont know its stall current rating. Datasheet says max no load current is 170mA.

    Can you guys stall a motor out at 7.5v (same as five AA batteries) for us and see what its max current is? B-)

  • Could you post the length, width, and height of the robot in the description section? Would like to know the scale of this thing B-)

  • Flip Flops toggle in his presence ……… His projects aren’t created, they are born ……… He has never made a syntax mistake ………

    He is…… the most interesting Sparkfun employee in the world………

    I dont always buy LED’s, But when I do, I prefer RGB addressable.

    Stay blinky my friends.

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