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Meet Treeduino

Controlling a Christmas tree with Arduino? Don't mind if I do!

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What's "powered by sugarplum fairies and the internet?" The Treeduino of course!


The above video might not look like much - just the standard (though lovely) Christmas tree in the average (though lovely) living room. But go here - from that website, you can control the various lights and the star on the tree. Turn them on, turn them off - in any combination your heart desires. Send the command to the tree, and watch it change on the uStream channel. It's tough to see when it's daytime, but at night it looks fantastic.

Have questions? Check out their FAQ section. Keep in mind that the tree is easily overwhelmed - if there are more than 10 users trying to change the lights at one time, it might not work so well. So wait your turn - 'tis the season and all that noise.

Oh, and a reminder - we are closed today (12/24) and Monday (12/27). We'll be back, fully-charged with the holiday spirit and working faster than a troupe of Santa's elves to get your orders out. Happy holidays everyone! Cheers!

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  • I really enjoyed this one. Nice job.

  • Also is this disruptive to the family at all haha.

  • Does any one have the code for this tree. And also what was used.

  • A merry Christmas to the sparkfun team and community may we create many sparks (in the right places :P ) in the new year

  • I greatly enjoyed flashing the tree back and forth very quickly. This may just be a coincidence, but there seemed to be more viewers when I started doing that.

  • Very Cool :D Thanks for sharing. Gave me some wicked ideas for projects to come :D

  • Hey unitof and sparkfun,
    How do you get the 60x60 logos?

  • Its working nicely over here! Whe talked about a project like this today and suprisingly it apeared on sparkfun!
    Real fun!

  • Control panel server seems to be down. Get tired of the light flickering on and off so much?? Or, maybe your dyndns account didn't update properly?

    • The Ethernet shield can only handle 4 sockets at a time. Try again later, there are a lot of people flashing the lights.

  • Nice !!!

  • It may be easier to remember treeduino.com, which will redirect to the same site. Thanks and merry Christmas to all! If you're a programmer, don't get it confused with Halloween.

    • I love playing with this tree! Competing for what color scheme can be fun...
      PS: Nice dog and cat.

    • You as well Unitof! Out of curiosity, is the formatting messed up for you in the above post? I'm getting a bunch of code for some odd reason.

      • I to can only see the embed code, the stream is gone.

      • Yeah, I literally just refreshed the page to find it no longer showing. Unfortunately, I only sent Sparkfun the link and had nothing to do with this blog post. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
        Edit: D'oh! Just realized you're Emcee. Disregard the last two sentences. But it was working before. The issue seems to be that the code is surround by a "p" (If I put it in brackets, I actually ends up working.) tag and the CMS seems to have converted the embed code to ASCII character codes.

        • Hm, yeah - it was working fine for me as well, I left the page, came back and now it's the embed code. I'll have to see if I can fix it. Thanks!
          Edit - looks like it is ok now. The spacing is a bit wonky, but the video is there!

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