Meet Treeduino

Controlling a Christmas tree with Arduino? Don't mind if I do!

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What's "powered by sugarplum fairies and the internet?" The Treeduino of course!


The above video might not look like much - just the standard (though lovely) Christmas tree in the average (though lovely) living room. But go here - from that website, you can control the various lights and the star on the tree. Turn them on, turn them off - in any combination your heart desires. Send the command to the tree, and watch it change on the uStream channel. It's tough to see when it's daytime, but at night it looks fantastic.

Have questions? Check out their FAQ section. Keep in mind that the tree is easily overwhelmed - if there are more than 10 users trying to change the lights at one time, it might not work so well. So wait your turn - 'tis the season and all that noise.

Oh, and a reminder - we are closed today (12/24) and Monday (12/27). We'll be back, fully-charged with the holiday spirit and working faster than a troupe of Santa's elves to get your orders out. Happy holidays everyone! Cheers!

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