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New category for Chumby parts and IRC tonight!

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Reminder: Nate will be hanging around the SparkFun IRC channel on June 10th from 4 to 5PM MST if you want to badger him with questions.

We've been working with Bunnie Huang of Chumby to get replacement parts listed - checkout the new Chumby category. Now you can build your own Fraken-Chumby! These are all refurbished parts pulled from return units, but they are fully functional and ready for alternate uses. We don't have much in way of datasheets, but if you have read anything on SparkFun, you know that our customers are pretty good at digging up the dirt.

The Chumby Gen 1 Color LCD with LED backlight and integrated analog touch screen.

The brain - Chumby Motherboard. For $33 you get a heck of a lot of fire power!

Bits of plastic are available as well. The main Chumby enclosure, the battery holder, and battery compartment cover. The idea here was that Chumby was getting requests for replacement parts when a customer lost or broke their own. As much as they wanted to help out, it wasn't feasible for Chumby to handle these repair orders. So they asked us - and we jumped on the opportunity!

Chumby was smart. They could get a USB WiFi card for cheaper than they could implement the chipset and get all the required certifications themselves. It makes it easier to upgrade someday as well. So here we have the USB WiFi card and riser board.

The speaker assembly and microphone are also available. The speaker box assembly is a thing of wonder. They've found a very low cost speaker, but surrounded it with a finely tuned box to match the speaker. What you get is some serious volume that is actually pretty decent sounding.

And finally, a rotary encoder and volume knob. These make for a great/simple input to any control system.

Again, these are all refurbished parts - not new. I'm fairly confident that these we'll sell out of these refurbished parts much faster than Chumby can pull them (they just don't have enough defective/returned units!), so expect to see new Chumby parts in the future.

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