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Inventory Day 2011

SparkFun is counting all the things. Unfortunately this means not shipping any of the things, for one day.

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  • The “MicroView” backing level on the Kickstarter also comes with a breadboard, while this product page and listing are for the MicroView unit alone.

    The “Starter Kit” backing level is the one with the MicroView and Programmer (and breadboard and cable).

  • From the Kickstarter, the “Microview” Tier includes a MicroView and a Breadboard. The “Starter Kit” tier includes a MicroView, a Programmer, a Breadboard, and a 1.5ft USB Cable extension. What you receive will depend on which of those reward tiers you chose when you backed the Kickstarter.

    Thank you for doing that, by the way. Neither product would exist if you hadn’t.

  • We’re sorry for the extra frustration this bug caused. Back-ordering is fixed now.

  • The problem is fixed. Back-orders are now allowed.

  • Back-order capability is fixed. Sorry for the waiting and frustration this bug caused.

  • We were very happy to get the back-ordering fixed, this is not how we imagined this day starting. Thank you for sticking with us.

  • Back-order capability is fixed. Our apologies for the disappointment caused by the glitch.

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