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  • Will the "active" part be an employee?

  • Likely, but don't expect it to be the bees knees.

  • I'm glad that something like this finally exists, but I'm wondering about a few things: * How do they/you (Sparkfun) handle the pin assignments? What if you wanted to stack multiple boards at a time? This still has a fundamental issue with Arduino Shields. * Those connectors will not stand the test of time. They're rated for, at most, 30 connection uses (Datasheet: (Personal note: I've had one of those connectors break on me when cleaning my laptop's internals. The header was used to mate the keyboard to the motherboard). * 1.8v IO will be interesting to deal with... * I'm so glad that they (Intel) followed proper RF routing techniques and isolated the Chip Antenna, along with the other layers as well.

    All of that being said, I'm curious to see how well this performs when compared to the GumStix line, and of course the PI/BBB/Odroid/etc...

  • Next year's AVC should have robots chauffeuring atendees/spectators to the competition.

  • Well, fortunately after trying out a beta KitKat rom, it started working, so there's that :)

  • Skyler, I did manage to get the USB/MCU link working (a proof of concept). This involved me updating my HTC One S (dev phone of choice) to KitKat (running Paranoid Android Beta). Fortunately, I didn't have to do anything outside of that.

    I also needed a USB Host to USB device cable. I use this one:

    A custom kernel would be needed because you need the correct hooks for the USB Host driver (from my understanding).

  • T-minus one month until proof!

  • I second this idea if y'all are still taking them!

  • Yeah, that number of robots is getting ready to go up to three...

    We'll see.

  • Sounds good. In that case, is there a height range for the balloons? Will they be floating on the water or in the air? What's to stop us from just going straight up, take a bird's eye view of the competition, then proceed as normal with that info?

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