SparkFun Electronics will be closed on July 3rd, 2015 in observance of Independence Day. Any orders placed after 2:00pm MT on July 2nd will be shipped out after the weekend. Thanks!

Web Developer, Full Time

Pay: $55,000 - $60,000 / year

Department: Information Technology

Collaborate with a team of web developers in an open source company to build cool stuff that matters!

About the Company

SparkFun Electronics is an online shop for the do-it-yourself electronics enthusiast. Our customers include inventors, artists, students, hobbyists, and just plain curious individuals looking for some fun tinkering with electronics.

SparkFun is also very committed to bringing electronics education into the mainstream by curating free educational materials and working with schools and institutions around the country to bring electronics into the classroom. Lastly, SparkFun is a staunch advocate of the open source movement, most recently being a leader in Open Source Hardware.

About the Department

SparkFun’s Software Development & Information Technology department is responsible for the continuous development of all SparkFun web properties. This includes the primary ecommerce website (sparkfun.com) and the primary educational resources website (learn.sparkfun.com). Also included is Sparkle, SparkFun’s custom-built ERP system which is used to manage all content on the aforementioned web properties as well as order processing, customer management, shipping, inventory controls, manufacturing, etc. SparkFun’s latest Open Source Software project is Phant. Phant powers data.sparkfun.com which is our open source solution to Internet of Things (IoT) data hosting.

Where possible (which is most everywhere) open source languages and tools are used and where possible code developed by SparkFun IT is given back to the community as open sourced libraries.

If you like the sound of these programs and want to help modify, update and create new open source software to help power the future of the exciting space, this team is your home.

The Daily Workflow

Development at SparkFun reflects the exploratory do-it-yourself culture of the entire company. All developers take part in fixing small bugs and developing larger projects, as well as reviewing one another’s code. Continuous improvement of the tool set provided to all users is emphasized as well as continuous improvement to the development process itself. Developers are encouraged to explore parts of the code base and discuss what projects inspire them.

Assuming developers work best when genuinely inspired both developer inspiration and relative priority are used to determine what gets worked on and when. Collaborative development is highly encouraged and all developers have ample opportunities to work together on small, informal dev teams focusing on one project, feature, or subsystem.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience developing object-oriented PHP
  • Working knowledge of Node.js or AngularJS
  • Experience working with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Experience working with relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • General understanding of the MVC software architecture
  • Familiarity of the MEAN stack
  • Experience working with modern version control systems such as Git
  • Competence working in a Unix-based environment
  • A commitment to the Open Source Community

Preferred Qualifications

  • Working knowledge of jQuery and Bootstrap
  • Working knowledge of caching systems such as Memcache or Redis
  • Working knowledge of NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • A visible public track record of contributions to open source
  • An eye for designing intuitive user interfaces

Workplace Benefits

Note: all benefits only become available after an initial on-boarding period of six weeks.

  • Health, dental, and disability insurance (with FSA and HSA options)
  • 401k matching up to 5%
  • Eco pass
  • 2 weeks paid vacation to start, 3 weeks after one full year of employment
  • $1000/year continuing education/professional development fund
  • $25/month gym/massage benefit


Note: some perks only become available after an initial on-boarding period of six weeks.

  • Flex time – days/hours in the office can be a compromise between work life and home life
  • Occasionally work from home or work remotely (no permanent remote work)
  • Free and/or deeply discounted access to tools, parts, and education to tinker with electronics and physical computing
  • Frequent Lunch and Learns – presentations by other employees and special guests on all manner of topics (often catered)
  • Occasional opportunities for travel – including as a trained workshop instructor and/or as a developer to attend technical conferences with other team members
  • A $1500 allowance to build and customize your workstation

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