Equipment Operator (Day Shift), Full Time

Operate a range of automated assembly equipment for manufacturing circuit board assemblies

Pay: $12 - $16 / hour

Shift: M-F 8-5

Department: Production

The Equipment Operator is expected to perform all necessary duties and responsibilities required to ensure a steady flow of products off of the automated assembly line in a timely matter. The Equipment Operator is expected to work with general supervision, getting assistance from other operators/managers when needed. Must be able to assist others when needed, especially an operator-in-training. Must demonstrate excellence in communication and problem solving in a team environment. Prior PCB assembly equipment operations experience is not required. We will train the candidate that is best fit for the position.

Duties Include:

  • Running a complete build including setup, building, and tear down processes.
  • Stenciling accurately and efficiently at a high level of complexity.
  • Reflow oven operation. Sorta like a pizza oven but way way different. Kinda.
  • Selective Soldering - our newest piece of automated assembly, but will be a critical piece of the puzzle.
  • Taking initiative to get the equipment operations area up and running if first to arrive. General start-up procedures.
  • Coordinating with other Equipment Operators in order to streamline the entire PCB assembly process and make us as efficient as possible.
  • Multi-tasking on another level previously never achieved by mankind.
  • Soldering of PTH components on initial panel to allow for testing.
  • Complete inspection and testing of each initial panel before continuing with full production run.
  • Basic time management to forecast the completion of a build.
  • Accurately record build times utilizing SparkFun production tools (software).
  • Perform general maintenance on equipment when applicable.

Skills Required:

  • Accurately identify basic electronic components and define basic terms.
  • Basic soldering ability.
  • Excellent communication skills in all forms.
  • Ability to work in a high paced, high stress environment.
  • Must be able to multitask at a high level of proficiency.
  • Ability to avoid distractions around the shop that can be detrimental to work.
  • Ability to stay on task with little supervision and manage time to effectively meet production goals.
  • Ability to work on your feet for extended periods of time (4-6 hours a day).
  • Coordination of meal breaks among fellow Equipment Operators to maintain a steady flow of products off the automated assembly line.
  • Consistent work habits are a must. (on time, reliable, honest, self-motivated).
  • Previous electronics assembly experience is a plus. Whether it be at home or in a manufacturing environment.
  • A fascination with dogs is not a requirement but is viewed with high praise and respect.

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