Production Associate I, Full Time

The SparkFun Production Associate I will be responsible for contributing to the success of the Packaging and Kitting teams combined.

Pay: $16.00 / hour

Shift: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm with Part Time shifts available

Department: Production

About SparkFun

Since 2003, SparkFun has been helping turn ideas into reality – whether you’re creating a smart weather station, exploring the frontier of machine learning, building a robot for school or prototyping your first (or tenth) product. No matter your vision or skill level, our open source components, resources and online tutorials are designed to broaden access to innovative technology and make the road to a finished project shorter.

We are an equal opportunity employer that values a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. SparkFun offers an abundance of opportunities to learn new skills from other Funions, in addition to many other benefits and perks.

Essential Job Functions


Pulling Parts

  • Utilizing the Bill of Materials for each kit (both physical and digital BOMs), pull the correct components and quantities from Production inventory
  • Throughout the picking process, maintain the inventory in a clean and organized fashion, utilizing the provided bins and other containers to hold parts
  • Accurately record pulling parts contributions in Sparkle (internal ERP system)


  • Utilizing the Bill of Materials, follow any predetermined instructions to organize the raw materials inside of each kit
  • Pre-package any items that may require additional protection (batteries, plated through hole(PTH) components pushed into foam, etc)
  • Assemble complete kits, utilizing all raw materials, to fulfill the requested batch quantity
  • Participate in “assembly line” style kitting process when applicable
  • Accurately record kitting contributions in Sparkle (internal ERP system)

Quality Control

  • Review the Production Schedule and identify kit batches that are ready for their quality control inspection
  • Follow predetermined quality control metrics for each kit to perform a quality control inspection on applicable batches (25%, 100%, etc)
  • Accurately record quality control contributions in internal ERP system


  • Review the Production Schedule and identify kit batches that are ready for final packaging
  • Package each individual kit, ensuring raw materials are securely positioned inside
  • Close each kit and apply a SKU sticker identifying the product and batch number

Light Packaged Assembly

Manage & Package Bulk Components into Light Assemblies

  • Manage light assemblies, which include 3 or fewer items, that need to be packaged together
  • Break down original bulk packaging
  • Re-package components or light assemblies in new protective packaging for sale on Storefront. Items under this heading include batteries, conductive thread, buttons, switches, sensors, etc.

Package SparkFun Manufactured Parts & Products

  • Receive all boards manufactured by our Board Assembly team
  • Assess the proper packaging requirements for each board
  • Package according to what is needed, most often placing boards in ESD bags.

Maintain Clean & Organized Workspace

  • Maintain good inventory practices & a productive work environment
  • Including breaking down boxes, sweeping, & stocking supplies
  • Participate in monthly warehouse cleaning
  • Keep work centers organized and neat

Required Skills and Abilities

  • Attention to detail & positive attitude
  • On occasion, ability to lift up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to work on your feet for extended periods of time (3-7 hours per day)
  • Familiarity with Windows Operating System and Internet Browsers like Chrome
  • Experience with Google’s Suite of Products (i.e. GMail, Sheets, Docs, etc)
  • Must be able to work effectively in a collaborative, team environment & lead by example
  • Proficient communication skills, both written and verbal

Additional Bonus Skills (not required):

  • Ability to distinguish the difference between similar electronic components
  • Ability to quickly adapt to change & maintain flexibility
  • Critical thinking, problem-solving, & collaboration experience
  • Electronic or kit experience is a plus

SparkFun Benefits & Perks

At SparkFun, we ask a lot of our employees, and that’s why we give so much in return. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Medical/dental/vision plan
  • Matching 401(k),
  • A casual dress code for you
  • Dogs - yes, we bring dogs to work
  • Full gym with climbing wall. If that’s not your style we offer a monthly gym stipend or onsite yoga
  • We have a great employee discount and opportunities to create and share content with the SparkFun community
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Paid time to volunteer
  • EcoPass (public transportation pass)
  • Paid time off + Sick Time
  • Summer BBQs, work parties, and more!

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