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Description: The new generation 18 pin PICAXE microcontroller now has parallel tasking, touch sensors and more memory/RAM.

See the Info Sheet for a comparison of features between the 18M2 and the 18M2+

PICAXE is a neat entry-level microcontroller system that is relatively cheap to get started with. The chip is programmed with a simple serial connection and the BASIC development environment is free! PICAXE has some excellent educational applications and support, and is a great entryway into more complicated embedded systems. If you’re look for a place to start with microcontrollers, PICAXE is a great way to go!



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Customer Comments

  • I really look forward to trying this combo (this, an 18pin developer board and 1A H-Bridge) as it SHOULD allow my robot to reverse! None of my robots could do that before. :-)
    The on-chip multitasking should simplify robot sensor control and the Basic/Flowchart programming is WAY-cool!

  • I used to (3 weeks ago) dismiss the PICAXE as just another hard-to-use, popular chip. Then I randomly found out that they can be programmed with a flowchart and I was like “AAAAA!!!!! AAAAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” so now I’m gearing up to get started! 11 cheers for binary! and randomly finding awesome stuff! Yay! Hooray!
    void Afrika-Bambaataa-Planet-Rock-Yeah {

  • I like this chip a lot! It’s turning into the Swiss Army Knife™ of MPUs. Their support forum is a great accessory for idiots like me, btw. You’re not just buying a chip, you’re buying a consortium!

  • Am I reading the datasheet right that this chip can control 8 servo’s?

  • could these be used to control things like a timer?

  • Can someone please point me to the eagle library that has this component? Thank you

  • someone help me out. I’d like to make a laser spirograph, and I need a microcontroller to make reflectors spin at random speeds. How would I do this? Any help is appreciated :)

  • I made a circuit board for this versatile chip; please see

  • Is there anyway you guys could make a schematic symbol and PCB footprint for the eagle library?

  • Can anyone confirm what firmware version these are shipping with? Version 1 had some problems with word addressed EEPROM, which version 2 supposedly fixed. I see that your almost out of stock, hopefully new stock will be v. 2.

  • 4 parallel tasks!? Pretty neat i must say, I’ve already loved picaxe, but now i have another reason to.
    However, it can’t beat the propeller with 8 processing cores ;)

  • When is this gonna be back in stock??? I need one soon

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