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Description: There are your standard Philips-head 4-40 screws. They are 1/4" long and come in packs of ten. This is the screw size we use in most of the holes for our breakout boards. Check below for other associated hardware.

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  • These screws are a work of art.
    Look at the way the threads elegantly curve and spiral from the point to the finely crafted head. The ‘x’ is sliced into the head of the screw as if it is artistically stamped into a stick of partially melted silver butter.

  • Wont fit the SparkFun LCD-09568 20x4 LCD. The LCD PCB board has metal through holes and the screws are one diameter size too large to fit! What a disappointment!!!

    COM-08653 SparkFun Keypad - 12 Button has plastic housing with four mounting screw holes. The holes are smaller than this screw set but you can easily screw them through with slight pressure cutting threads into the button pad housing holes.

  • Heads up: these screws do NOT fit into the mounting holes of this LCD without modification to the holes:

    It’s very close, and maybe with a little persuasion, but if you’re planning to use these to hold the LCD in place, and screw these into the standoffs sold below, you’ll need that persuasion.

    • correct. that’s why they aren’t related to eachother :-)

      but you can fit them in there, but you’re effectively threading them into the PCB.

  • Any chance you can also sell #4 washers?

  • Do these screws fit with makerbeam?

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