Standoff - Metal Hex (4-40; 3/8"; 10 pack)

Metal Hex Male/Female standoffs. #4-40 thread with 3/8" shank and 3/16" thread length. Can be stacked to create any length.

Pack of 10

Standoff - Metal Hex (4-40; 3/8"; 10 pack) Product Help and Resources

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  • Target / about 7 years ago / 2

    Beware applying any real torque when installing standoffs. The threaded screw portion will weaken and break off of the rest of the standoff if you apply too much torque. I had this happen on multiple occasions when stacking multiple standoffs and when installing into the big red box screw holes without tapping the hole first.

  • Member #529458 / about 10 years ago / 2

    Hello, could you tell me if these serve me for Ardunio?, Or which I can serve to separate plate arduino to a base.

  • AVO / about 10 years ago / 1

    It would be great if anyone knew where you could find rubberized screws to put in these to use as bumpers to stand on. Im looking to use these so theyll weigh down my arduino and mojo, but Id like some rubber to put on the female part to keep it from sliding around on my desk (which is glass, and metal makes a screeching sound)

    • stomatocode / about 10 years ago / 3

      Might I suggest applying a small amount of Sugru to the bottoms for a custom solution? You get one pack of the stuff, you have plenty for this use and other handy applications--neat stuff, saw it at Maker Faire.

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