Standoffs Metal Hex

Replacement: None. We will no longer carry 4 packs of these standoffs. We are working with a new supplier. This page is for reference only.

Metal Hex Male/Female standoffs. #4-40 thread with 3/8" shank and 3/16" thread length. Can be stacked to create any length.

Set of four

Customer Comments

  • Mr. Left Hand, meet Mr. Right Hand:

  • McMaster sells these $1.40 each and $1.19 for 10 or more.

  • I have found that drilling in the middle of four holes in a perf board creates abt a 4-40 hole.

  • What this means by “set of four” is that you get four metal standoffs. If you want to screw them into one another (for example, on the 4 corners of a perfboard), you will need to buy 2x quantity of this item, giving you 8 metal standoffs total. The alternative is to get machine screw 4-40 nuts to screw the standoffs into (listed in “related products”).

  • Maybe these should be put in the Prototyping -> Hardware section. Jus' mah too sense.

  • This stuff is invaluable for securing boards. Thank you spark fun

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