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Description: This is a 34' roll of thermal printing paper for use with our thermal printer. This roll is smaller than you find at most office supply stores so it fits directly into the printer without having to remove any paper from the roll. Simply place it into the printer with the glossy side facing front and you’re ready to print, no ink required! This paper is BPA-free.

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  • Is this BPA-Free? If so, then awesome! I’ll go think of a project with the Thermal Printer. If not, aww MAN!

  • Is this paper safe to eat?

    • After a brief experiment here in the office, I’ve been told it has an incredibly awful bitter taste. It also feels like chemicals in your throat. Soooo…probably don’t go around eating it. #SafetyNeutral

  • has anyone tried printing barcodes on it? Well i am search something in the way of labelling of stock in my factory.

    • As thermal print tends to fade fairly quickly (take a look at old grocery receipts), this may not be the best product for your use. Ink or laser printing will be much more long-lived.

  • what is the size of this thermal paper?

  • It’s not likely to be BPA free. See

  • PAPER THAT FITS! YAY! (sorry, couldn’t help myself).
    As far as the BPA thing, I really appreciate the concern, but I’m thinking if we don’t chew on it, wash our hands before we eat (you do that anyway, right?), and don’t use our mad origami skills to fold a printout into an emergency ramen bowl, we’ll probably be alright. How many BPA laden fast food receipts have we all handled right before eating? That’s a disturbing thought. Thank goodness for a pocket full of wet wipes. Just call me Lady Macbeth from now on.

    • How many BPA laden fast food receipts have we all handled right before eating?
      Not very many, as:
      1. We almost never go out for haz-mat food.
      2. When we do, my parents handle the receipts.
      And think about what happens when the BPA-contaminated receipts go into the landfill. Seep… Seep… Seeeeeeeeeeep… drinking water contamination!

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