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Description: For a long time we’ve had small 7-segment displays and huge 7-segment displays, but now we finally have something in between. These 20mm 4-digit 7-segment displays are big enough to see from a distance but not so big that you’d have trouble finding an enclosure for them.

These common-cathode displays feature 4 x 7-segment digits and one decimal point per digit. The LEDs have a forward voltage of 1.9VDC and a max forward current of 20mA.

Dimensions: 71.6 x 25.7mm


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Customer Comments

  • I wrote a library for this. The repo also includes a schema how to connect this display.


  • Does this exist as a Fritzing part?

    • SparkFun’s fritzing library at github doesn’t seem to have it (or anything much at all), but give this repo a shot: github:logxen/Fritzing . It seems to have quite a few of SparkFun’s products (which makes me wonder if SFE had an earlier repo somewhere and haven’t gotten around to building up the new one yet) including several 4-digit 7 segment displays. I don’t use Fritzing, so you may have to poke around to check.

      • No go. Thanks though. I’m going to be using Eagle. I just find Fritzing easier to ‘sketch’ layouts in.

  • I went ahead and figured out some usable specs for this display, since our given information is wrong or missing. Here’s a link to the pdf. I’m a newb, so if there’s anything that needs fixing, let me know and I’ll update it until we get some actual good documentation.

  • For those wondering - it does not appear that these are pin-compatible with the smaller displays (COM-9480 through COM-9483 and COM-10931). ( Not to mention the missing colon and apostrophe. Less of a clock display, more of a decimal display. )

    • I thought the same thing. Without the colon, there goes clock applications.

      • So without a colon, you couldn’t tell what time “1234” represents? ;)

        Just teasing, we agree with you.

      • Yeah, it’s a bit of a missed opportunity on the side of the manufacturers of these displays. I’m sure it’s a cost savings issue, but with just 1 more pin (2 to keep things balanced, that 2nd one would just be NC or find some other purpose) and of course the internals for it, they could add: 1. Colon 2. AM indicator 3. PM indicator 4. Alarm on/off indicator All by selecting one of the digit pins, and that additional pin. Alas :)

        • one of the more useful applications of the added second pin that i’ve seen it to have each dot on the colon go to a separate pin…

  • This is not a 1" display; it’s a 0.8" display. The 1" size is the overall height of the module, not the actual display.

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