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Description: USB On-The-Go is a really useful USB specification! It allows some small devices that would usually be unable to act as a host to have limited hosting capabilities! USB-OTG is common for things like tablet computers and smartphones in order to allow for USB peripherals like flash-drives, keyboards, etc. to be hooked up.

If you have a USB OTG device, you need one of these Female A to Micro-A cables to act as a host. Remember, not all devices are USB-OTG compatible, so make sure that whatever you're plugging in actually has this ability so you don't damage something!

Dimensions: 4" long


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  • So, what devices actually use micro A? I was excited about a Sparkfun OTG cable, then I realized I have never even seen micro A before.

  • FYI: The micro-a plug on this cable is not compatible with the micro-b jacks on cell phones like the Galaxy Nexus which supports otg but isn’t compliant with the standard I guess.

    • Yeah, I noticed that the other day. The cable is compliant, but neither my Nexus 4 or my Nexus 7 seem to work with this cable.

  • Where was this three weeks ago when I needed one!?!

  • Ahh, you’ve made my day! I’ve found these to be stupidly hard to find, even though micro USB is pretty much The One Standard these days.

  • This should work perfectly with the Intel Galileo’s USB host port. Going to buy a couple.

  • BE CAREFUL! I looked at this thinking it would work out of the box for most Android phones and tablets but NO! Most android smart devices have USB micro B ports, not micro A ports. It will be better for you and your wallet if you just hack 2 cables into 1 instead of mistake this particular cable for the one you want. If this were a micro B cable, I would gladly buy a truckload and distribute them to my friends.

  • Totally got burned by the “Micro-A” I had no idea there was more than one “micro USB” shape. Bought this to use on my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy Nexus phone. At least it was not really expensive!

    • I did the same for the Galaxy Nexus but a couple of seconds on the belt sander was all it took to convert this to a microB compatible plug.

  • Well, I didn’t read the description well enough. Micro A… Never seen a device with a Micro A socket. While this might be some kind of standard written on white paper somewhere how is this a practical design? Most people want a OTG cable so they can use their phone, tablet, media player or other device that supports OTG that has a standard Micro B socket that is used for everything. Lucky I already have a spare and maybe i’ll chop the sparkfun one up.

  • It would be worth while to do a production run of this type of cable with a Micro-B end (even if non-standard). I would buy two.

  • This cable will not work with the OTG on the pcDuino which has a Micro B OTG connector like Olimex olinuxino WiFi.

  • Bought this by following a link from the pcDuino pages… then got it and realized the pcDuino uses micro B. Not sure why anyone would link to a non-compliant product. Glad it was only $3.

  • is ID pin shorted to ground?

  • How about an OTG host cable for Mini usb OTG devices? Eg Female A to Mini-A (or was it Mini-B ? I cant figure these out …) well one that fits into Mini-AB and has ID grounded anyways…

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