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Description: This high discharge LiPo is a great way to power any R/C, robotic, or portable project. This is an excellent choice for anything that requires a small battery with a lot of punch. The voltage is low enough not to tax your regulating circuits, and the discharge rate is high enough to accommodate a lot of electronics and a few small motors.

The battery has two cells and outputs 7.4V storing 2200mAh of charge. Because this is a dual cell battery pack, a special charger is needed. This battery is not compatible with single cell chargers. A compatible charger is listed below.

Note: Due to shipping restrictions, only two batteries can be shipped together at one time. We should be able to ship more than two batteries at a time by the end of 2014.

Note: Care should be taken not to short circuit or overtax these batteries because they don't have any built-in protection circuit.

Dimensions: 138.5mm x 47.5mm x 24.5mm

Weight: 206g (7.26oz)


  • 7.4V 2-cell pack
  • 2200mAh of charge
  • 30C continuous discharge rate
  • JST-XH charge plug
  • Dean's Connector discharge leads


Replaces: PRT-10471

Comments 18 comments

  • can I use this to power rover 5 motor controller? how long does it last if you leave it on constantly?

  • How can I connect it to a breadboard? Thanks!

  • Hello, good morning. Can i power an Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz or Pro Micro - 5V/16MHz with this battery

  • I don’t have a T-plug connector, can i just connect my output to the white header?

  • So any suggestions about how to go about charging these?

    • You’ll want a balancing charger. Check the Related Products below for one, or hit the corners of the interwebs where RC enthusiasts may be found - these battery packs are most commonly used there :)

  • What is the self-discharge rate on these puppies?

  • Not a good deal at all. a 2200mAh 50C can be had here, from one of the best RC suppliers around . http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/11910Turnigy_nano_tech_2200mah_2S_25_50C_Lipo_Pack.html

    Then for a buck more you can double the capacity to 5000mAh http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/9437ZIPPY_Flightmax_5000mAh_2S1P_20C_hardcase_pack.html

    • Except Hobbyking is a crap company that steals designs from SFE without any recognition. As shown here…

      Now where have I seen a pcb like that before???

    • Do my eyes deceive me, did the price on this just drop from $17 and change to $13.95

    • When it comes to batteries like this, “you get what you pay for” is often true. It’s interesting that this battery is significantly larger and heavier than the “equivalent” Turnigy battery. But if you really want the cheapest price for a rating, try lingering on a hobbyking product page for a while and in a few minutes a pop-up with a discounted price may appear.

    • Looks like markdown ate your links, try the correct formatting (see ‘formatting help’ link below comment area).

      • Links are as follows.

        first second

        not entirely apples to apples comparison. first battery is less money, but only 50C burst, 20C continuous. if you get a 30C continuous, it’s about the same price. for the second one, it’s only 20C constant, 30C burst. So, it’s higher capacity, but less discharge rate. TL:DR - yes, batteries with lower discharge rates can be had much cheaper.

      • These appear to be the corrected links: 2200mAh 5000mAh

    • The links don’t work and I’m not finding a 50C for cheaper.

      • just go to hobbyking, and click on Batteries & Accessories, then click the 2S selection. the links above are for a 2200mAh 50C for $11.84 and the 5000mAh for $18.19

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