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Description: These are our new and improved flush cutters, giving you a way to cut leads very cleanly and close to the solder joint. Diagonal cutters are good, but if you really need to get up close and personal, flush cutters are the way to go. They have a nice spring-action and a comfy grip. Plus, the color combination of red and black is fetching, I must say.


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Customer Comments

  • These cutters are fantastic. I bought a set from the big A about 6 months ago and they have held up great cutting jumper wires and solder tails. It’s nice to see Sparkfun is selling them now.

  • I buy these by the box for my lab where I work. They are superior to cutters two or three times the price. It would be great if Sparkfun also carried the CS-30-X pliers/cutters. These two tools are always on my bench and serve about 90% of my daily needs.

  • I got these cutters in a bundle with my Hakko FX-888D soldering iron, and I can vouch that the CHP-170s are great cutters. Although they cost a tad more, it’s a good choice by SparkFun to start selling these quality cutters.

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Excellent cutters for close cuts

These cutters are my primary cutting tool for everything from cutting wire to shortening pins after they are soldered to a board.

Pros: * Easy to make flush cuts right next to the board. * Sharp enough to make quick work out of most metal.

Cons: * The blade can get deformed when cutting solid metal which doesn’t ruin them but creates dull areas.

Flush Cutters - Hakko

I build an rebuild & repair, Tattoo machines and these work great for some of the really tidous Tasks that i have to do. Great set of cutters Thanks “TOMMY”

Great Quality

They are very durable and built to last forever, so happy with their quality!

These are the real deal

These are excellent flush cutters. I have used them in production for over a year and they last last over a lot of use and a little abuse. I highly recommend these.


While they’re “just” flush cutters, they are truly a joy to use. Comfortable, responsive, and effective. Can’t ask for better!