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Tool for a flush cut. One of the most popular cutting tool. Diagonal cutters are good, but if you really need to get up close and personal, flush cutters are the way to go. They have a nice spring-action and a comfy grip.

  • Cutting Force: 5 kg
  • Max Cut: 16 AWG copper wire
  • Rockwell Hardness (RHC): 56

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  • Hemi345 / about 11 years ago / 4

    These cutters are fantastic. I bought a set from the big A about 6 months ago and they have held up great cutting jumper wires and solder tails. It's nice to see Sparkfun is selling them now.

  • Member #102903 / about 11 years ago / 2

    I buy these by the box for my lab where I work. They are superior to cutters two or three times the price. It would be great if Sparkfun also carried the CS-30-X pliers/cutters. These two tools are always on my bench and serve about 90% of my daily needs.

  • Gnintendo / about 11 years ago / 2

    I got these cutters in a bundle with my Hakko FX-888D soldering iron, and I can vouch that the CHP-170s are great cutters. Although they cost a tad more, it's a good choice by SparkFun to start selling these quality cutters.

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These are the real deal

These are excellent flush cutters. I have used them in production for over a year and they last last over a lot of use and a little abuse. I highly recommend these.

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While they're "just" flush cutters, they are truly a joy to use. Comfortable, responsive, and effective. Can't ask for better!

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Great Quality

They are very durable and built to last forever, so happy with their quality!

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Excellent cutters for close cuts

These cutters are my primary cutting tool for everything from cutting wire to shortening pins after they are soldered to a board.

Pros: * Easy to make flush cuts right next to the board. * Sharp enough to make quick work out of most metal.

Cons: * The blade can get deformed when cutting solid metal which doesn't ruin them but creates dull areas.

Does exactly what they say they do.

Nice clean cuts, and a satisfying "chunk" when the cut occurs.

Very decent set of cutters, an excellent addition to my workstation.

I recently started building a dedicated electronics workstation and these were on my list of must have tools. If you are serious at all about doing good quality through hole work, you need a good set of flush cutters and Hakko is one of the best names in the game.

these are nice snips

Nice cutters, would be nicer with locking mechanism. Otherwise, they are great!

Great quality and comfortable to use

Good sharp blades and a very solid pivot -- no wobble at all.

Does the job

Feels okay in your hands, and initially cuts great and can cut close to pcbs. The handles loosened and fell off and the blades got notches (still sharp elsewhere), but quality rapidly dropped. These are good for the price, but not great cutters.

Work Great!

They work great. I would recommend them.

Great Cutters

These Hakko Flush Cutters are well-made and if used properly should last you a very long time. I haven't done much cutting with it but when I do, its headache-free and just works :)

High Quality Tool

These flush cutters are very high quality. They work great for cutting plastic, PCBs, wires, and component pins. I liked them so much I bought a second pair.

I already have one, and it works fine

I bought a new one maybe for a gift maybe as a spare, the first one works fine. is really sharp. I really like it

Great tool

cuts wire, solder, heat shrink, fingernails. etc. Works great. Couldn't be happier

Flush Cutters - Hakko

I build an rebuild & repair, Tattoo machines and these work great for some of the really tidous Tasks that i have to do. Great set of cutters Thanks "TOMMY"

Excellent flush cutters

In addition to wire, these are great at cutting zip ties, especially in confined locations, and also hangnails, etc. They work for fingernails, but leave a rough edge, at least on mine. I've also used them to cut plastic coffee maker and other appliance enclosures apart to get at the components inside. That was slow, and painful for my hands, but cutters weren't damaged by it as far as I could tell.

They did get very frictiony after about a year of use. I happened to have a bottle of bike chain oil on hand, so I put a drop of that in the hinge and opened and closed the cutters about a hundred times, and they were as good as new again.

The only (very minor) annoyance I've noticed is that the metal just goes straight back from the hinge into the handles rather than being bent into alignment like it is at the blades. This means the handles aren't perfectly coplanar with each other. A human using these aligns the blades with the work by looking at the blades and the work, though, so I think this would only really matter if you were designing a mechanism to use these cutters.

Unfortunately, I lost them recently, so I'm buying a new pair. The local electronics shop has them, but they're less expensive here, even with the exchange rate.

One tip: Put a velcro strap on the handles to hold them shut when not in use.

Best mini cutters

Small, easy to handle, keeps sharp longer, resistant to rust.